@flay I don't think we exceeded 45 minutes in any one store... For me the terrible music was country.

Been out clothes shopping with the wife for like 3 hours... Can we bring back lock downs?

A year ago I wouldn't have imagined I'd be going to Wal-Mart to NOT catch Covid...

@ssafar I never get this logic. It's like people believe these rich people have a billion dollars shoved under their mattress not doing anything. It's in assets like stock or property that they'd have to liquidate and liquidating that amount of assets in a short amount of time would have huge consequences for the economy.

Even if it was in cash, you'd also have to believe that the government would spend it more wisely than a rich person...

@raavan yay! I'm getting my first Moderna shot this morning.

@xpil this is why I enjoy the Netflix series "Lucifer". The poor guy is really misunderstood.

@radicalrobit you've definitely already blocked or muted me, but for reference here is the legislation: t.co/IWjy5qfl5J?amp=1

Don't trust your bullshit media to interpret things for you. Line 700 starts the detailing of ways to reduce lines for precincts that don't finish voting within 1 hour of closing the polls.

Line 1872 is your not allowing people to campaign by handing out food or water, but look line 1887 allows water to be available at a self serve station!

@radicalrobit and this is why you don't win arguments. People like you should have their votes suppressed. Bring your own water.

For how hard you fight against the most basic requirements for voting rights something tells me you support all kinds of "reasonable restrictions" for gun ownership which is the same kind of right.

You want mail in voting without ID, OK but also allow gun purchases by mail with no ID. You want automatic voter registration, OK but also have automatic concealed carry.


@radicalrobit for clarifying the rules that you're not allowed to give voters anything at a polling place? I'm surprised they were allowed to have hand sanitizer available in November and January...

The real problem is having voting lines so long that people need food and water while waiting.

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@devurandom I read a comment yesterday that said we needed to socialize all power production to protect the environment... Because socialists have had such a great environmental record? Or even our own government for that matter?

@lig maybe if you're on a waiting list... Pretty sure even if I wanted to shell out that cash it'd be impossible to find one. It was already hard enough to get a hold of the V90. I would be surprised if the number of US Avant models broke 1000...

@lig I'm in the USA so the V90 is pretty much the only true wagon available for sale anymore. Kinda sad really...

@lig Dat wagon though... I drool over it, but I settled for a V90 and I am happy with it. As much as the extra HP would be a hoot, I'd still want the practicality and fuel economy of a more reasonable engine.

@mycroft it would also be nice if we had the actual immigration reform needed to stop a decades long crisis at the border. But that would make Congress to blame and it's so much easier to blame the executive branch...

I'm back ya'll. Just an FYI, IP ratings are absolutely meaningless outside of the warranty period. My Pixel 3XL (IPX8 rated) was able to be mostly saved after taking a 30 second bath with me... I only lost the fingerprint reader, wireless charging, and NFC.

@hund @JodiFOSSter dang it. I was going to post something troll about emacs and you beat me to it...

@NickKaramoff why stop at countries? English is almost more varied between Massachusetts and Louisiana than it is between the Midwest and London... I agree using flags is dumb for language.

@The_Quantum_Alpha I definitely feel like I've been DDOSed today. Can I just start replying to everything with "Unavailable?"

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