Question for those more experienced with Mastodon... Fosstodon is for people who love free software and I'm enjoying the community. However, as I stated in my intro I do have a bunch of other hobbies. Is there a way to view the "local" time lines of other instances to find other people in those instances without having to resort to using the federated timeline? There's only so much anime pron and conspiracy nut jobs I can take...

@Danbert8 I know on Tootle for iOS you can search instances and add their feed to your “dock”. Not sure if there’s a way to do that through the main web interface. Maybe other desktop/mobile clients have similar functionality.

And I share your sentiments on the pron and nuts.

@Danbert8 depends on software and settings, I think, but many instances have a /public endpoint with public posts from that server, i.e. or

@Danbert8 either you follow a bunch of people from there or you make another account, of you want to see the complete local timeline. I don't think there is another way without specialized software

@Danbert8 If they have public timelines you can go to their webpage to view it.
Some apps might let you browse other timelines a lot more easily too.

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