This is the problem with Americans converting to metric units. If you "weigh" 100kg on Earth, you're still 100kg on Mars. It's the Newtons that change!

@Danbert8 Musk will only ship skiny people to Mars, to minimize fuel expenses.

Nope. You weigh 100kp on earth when you put 100kg of mass on a scale near sea level. The kg is a mass measure, not a weight.

@rudolf that's the point. The science demonstrator on the livestream misspoke as she first used 100lbs as the reference which would be correct for it being less on Mars, but then tried to be inclusive for metric units and messed up that kg are mass and not weight.

@Danbert8 @rudolf
But this all goes out the window if by "pound" you mean pound-mass rather than pound-weight

As dumb as that is, I appreciate that units are only useful if people are familiar with them and no one seems to know what a slug is.

@john @Danbert8
You mean a .44 slug and a dram of powder in an old smoke pipe?
Just kidding :)

@john @rudolf I'd go for slugs myself. But I don't do anything where mass really matters vs weight.

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