My old HTPC is about really for an upgrade. I'm about to replace the mobo, processor, ram, and add an M2 SSD. It currently runs Windows 7 as I used WMC for the TV tuner but that's dead now... I'm thinking since I mostly watch everything streaming via the browser now, I'd go with Linux on the refresh. Any recommendations on a good Distro for a HTPC? Also a good TV tuner and software combo that works?

@Danbert8 What hardware does your current HTPC have?

@hund it's an Athlon 5050e with 6GB of RAM. Graphics is Raedon R7 240 with 2GB of memory.

It struggles with 1080P 60FPS which seems to be where most are going with content now.

I'd like to stick with AMD for the better integrated graphics so I'll have some future 4k abilities, but dang where did the budget silicon go? Maybe now is a bad time to upgrade...

@hund that's about $300 for just the processor. Also, for a low end compact machine, I think a Ryzen 3 should be sufficient but it seems like they are all priced way out of wack right now. A 3200G was around $100 which would be perfect, but now is like $200... I might wait it out.

@Danbert8 Wow! Where do you live? It's less than 200 USD here.

@bjoessi @hund yeah, between tariffs, chip shortages, and darn bitcoin miners, it looks like silicon is crazy expensive right now in the US. Doesn't help that AMD is top dog in performance right now so they don't have to compete as hard on the value end.

@hund @Danbert8 I would put one of these in and then wait like a year or two and then install a Ryzen 4000 something (if you think that performance will be enough for a while).
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

@bjoessi @hund not sure I'm comfortable ordering from Ali... Here are the online prices from Google. Almost over 3x that price.

@Danbert8 This is a neat little package and you can put in some old junk AM4 APU you can find for cheap and then upgrade down the line.
DeskMini X300 Barebone

I havent seen many reviews on the X300, but I have seen a bunch of review of the A300 and people seem to be quite happy with it in general.
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