Ugg, if I am going to have to work in the office, we are going to need to get a beer vending machine... vindication! My years of ranting about the rainbow have paid off.

If you every have the opportunity to go to Universal Orlando, I highly recommend Velocicoaster. I'm a huge fan of coasters (Cedar Point was my home park most of my life) and this one cracks the top 5.

I'm all on board with Sci-fi being political... But referencing or involving current politicians or contriving the plot to revolve around a current political issue takes your Sci-fi and dates it. It might be somewhat relevant at release, but more and more media is being binge watched at some point long after the original release. Imagine if TOS referenced LBJ instead of Lincoln.

Return to the office status update: Less motivated and as unproductive as I've been in quite awhile. Also missing my bidet at home...

Why do alarms always fail to the full alarm setting at 3AM?

Is there a time limit on a single slide during a meeting from upper management? In one of the worst wastes of time ever...

At this point I feel trapped in my job because my wife needs healthcare. How did we get to this messed up point in the USA where healthcare is tied to employment?

In other news, is anyone aware of other countries that are hiring engineers that speak English? Preferably not super cold ones...

Ugg, Facebook is such a shit hole... How do I convince all my my family and friends to abandon it for the fediverse or another alternative? Literally every 4th post was an ad and they were all irrelevant. One wasn't even in my language. One was for men's leggings...

My poor nephew is going to be disappointed. He's looking for manatee footprints in the woods here in NW Ohio...

You know, maybe Linus does have a point... Since upgrading to the latest Ubuntu, my desktop install now is doing some sort of "power saving" making the screen dim after it is idle and the screen is off that won't reset. It's barely readable grey blah and none of the power options in the menus have any brightness controls. Rebooting seems to be the only fix I can figure out.

Nothing like catching a cold the day before your wife comes home from surgery... Luckily I already have most of the house clean for her. Getting double checked for flu and Covid just in case. Got both of those shots Monday so hopefully it isn't either of those.

Black Friday shopping done. Real car prices may be nuts, but these babies were on sale for 69c a pop.

I think my buddy and I just came up with a new crypto coin. Rockchain. The digital coins are all backed up by actual rocks that you can redeem to live under for when the worldwide currency market crashes.

If you ever wanted to make sure when you have to live under a rock, at least your rock will be nicer than your neighbor's this is the digital asset for you.

And oh yay. Android 12 broken audio control isn't a bug, it's an intentional downgrade due to a bullshit patent dispute.

Apparently Sonos patented using a volume rocker to adjust volume on multiple devices. Because you know, that's not obvious. I mean clearly since that's the intuitive way to do it for a user...

Based on Facebook's ad selection, marketing majors just spent all their time on OnlyFans... Seriously. I see less T&A on a porn site than I do scrolling down my Facebook feed due to the ridiculous ads. They literally show ads that violate their own terms of service for what is allowed.

First week back in the office. Not sure my collaboration has increased with my coworkers, but now I get the opportunity to poop mere inches away from them again... 🤮

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