So I've installed Ubuntu on my media center computer to replace aging Windows 7. I'm experiencing why people aren't going to adopt Linux in the mainstream. Excessive security with no reasonable workarounds. Yes, I know Chrome is stupid with how it stores passwords. I don't want a keyring where I have to enter a password every time I want to use Chrome. I'm tired of trying command line fixes and editing config files. Just have an option to ignore the security warning and just open it.

Had to deal with a home emergency... There was a dead spider behind the toilet in the bathroom. So glad I'm working from home so I can deal with all of these issues when they come up.

Question for those more experienced with Mastodon... Fosstodon is for people who love free software and I'm enjoying the community. However, as I stated in my intro I do have a bunch of other hobbies. Is there a way to view the "local" time lines of other instances to find other people in those instances without having to resort to using the federated timeline? There's only so much anime pron and conspiracy nut jobs I can take...

Fine @cooper you've convinced me. Here goes an

I'm a mid 30s engineer who has way too many hobbies. I was a Linux kid back when I built my first franken computer in the mid 90s. Honestly, I've been out of the Linux game for awhile, but you guys have motivated me to get back in.

I'm looking for a new community here because Twitter was getting too toxic. I do need to stop drinking from the firehose of Mastodon though to avoid engaging with more toxic people...

This is the problem with Americans converting to metric units. If you "weigh" 100kg on Earth, you're still 100kg on Mars. It's the Newtons that change!

"Hello space nerds!" this kid wins the internet today.

Seriously? Another dead TP-Link switch? That's 2 in a year. I guess that's why they are like $15...

Do builders obsess over hammers like programmers obsess over keyboards?

Ugg, I wish Adobe didn't decide to update randomly without prompting. I also wish it didn't force a reboot before it could be used again. I'd really like to barge into their offices and tell random employees they need to stop immediately and reboot. No, you get no warning or prompt. Stop everything you are doing, close and save everything, and reboot.

Well I finally deleted Twitter from my phone. It's toots only for me from here on out.

My old HTPC is about really for an upgrade. I'm about to replace the mobo, processor, ram, and add an M2 SSD. It currently runs Windows 7 as I used WMC for the TV tuner but that's dead now... I'm thinking since I mostly watch everything streaming via the browser now, I'd go with Linux on the refresh. Any recommendations on a good Distro for a HTPC? Also a good TV tuner and software combo that works?


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