another good saying "The French poet Paul Valery advises us that a
poem is never done and bears continual rework, and to stop working on it is abandonment." from Clean Code by Robert Martin

I am considering giving up Windows and my dual boot with Ubuntu and GOING LINUX Manjaro only.
As I prepare to take the dive I set up a live USB:
or, if it’s done uploading

Two very interesting browsers that work in, at least, Ubuntu:
1) qutebrowser is keyboard controlled (like VIM key bindings) and heavily customizable
2) and Vivaldi, not entirely open source but still very interesting

One thing that is cool about Parler is that they have Zero Hedge as part of their feed:

Korematsu vs US (25 min) Directed by Matt Wood. 120,000 Japanese put in camps in the USA and Korematsu challenged the constitutionality of that. The case went to the Supreme Court. It is an interesting bit of US history and I gave it 6 of 10 stars. Anything above 5 stars is worth watching for the way I count. I saw this as part of the Anthem Film Festival at

“The Big Skim” (19 min) is about dues skimming by unions. It covers how Medicaid money for home health care gets diverted to third parties, unions. I gave it 7 stars out of 10 and the director is Molly Dedham. The documetary was in the Anthem Film Festival at

"Man in the Arena" is really the life of Roger Ailes. This is the man behind some of Nixon’s, Reagan’s, and Bush’s political victories. This is the man who created FOX News. A great life can be priceless to study and this documentary does well enough that I will give it a 9.5 out of 10 stars. This is director Michael Barnes first film and he should be pleased with his result. I saw this film in the Anthem Film Festival at

Watched Film: Speed Of Life ( 72 min ) This is a romance/sci-fi type of movie. It is more entertaining than the documentaries but has slightly less depth so 8 of 10 stars. The director is Liz Manashil and she did a decent job with this. You can find the film at (anthem20 should give 20% discount)

Watched: The Teleios Act (12 min)
This presents a fictional situation that resembles a woman confronted with abortion. I'll avoid a spoiler ... but it has enough of a twist to give it 6 of 10 stars. It is dramatic but I didn't feel any satisfactory conclusion and doesn't find an adequate closure. Still, it's emotional and entertaining enough.
(Directed by Evan Matthews)

2/ So, it was kind of slow, decent camera work, sound, real people ... but, most important, gives a relevant idea ... and ends when it should end ... it looked like it was going to go on ... Sonya and I looked at each other like it's time ... and then the end credits came on, perfect timing. /end

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1/ Watched Film: How To Love Your Enemy: A restorative Justice Story (43 min documentary)
We gave it 8 stars. The film gives an alternative to always arresting people. Thus this is a way of reforming the justice system. This also gives an approach to healing police and community relations.

2/ "My name is Hong Kong" contrasts freedom and communism ... and although short managed to convey what has happened to Hong Kong. Both had something to convey but 8 of 10 stars for "My name is Chip Wilson" while I will give 9 of 10 stars to "My name is Hong Kong" /end

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1/ Watched film: My name is Chip Wilson / My name is Hong Kong at the Anthem Film Festival. ( anthem20 gave a 20% discount )
These are 2 short (less than 10 min each) films directed by Jennifer Grossman. "My name is Chip Wilson" shows entrepreneurship in contrast to socialism.

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