I apologize for the political posts as I see they are not appropriate here.

learning about telegram, I made a channel (guess it's like a timeline?): t.me/DamonGang

I am open for discussion. If I have violated a community standard explain it to me and let's dialogue? Honestly. Can I have differing views with some of you and not be censored?

Privacy International posts politics, do they get a warning like I did?

I got some kind of warning "Please do not post political posts" ... WHAT? I don't hate anybody as far as I know so you should see no hate speech. So, why am I getting a warning?

The bottom line is that the Chinese Communist Party has placed it's iron grip on what used to be Hong Kong. One president will do nothing and the other has proven he will act.

In an article about The Black Caucus and the Dictatorship of (White) Capital ... there is a false dichotomy created between white and black in the United States. With Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Clarence Thomas, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey as counter-examples, being some of the power brokers at the top or close to it ... it's clear that dividing things in black and white terms is reducing to obsolescence.

I am for voting for the best overall candidate. Yep, democrat, republican, libertarian ... whatever. But Biden?
Well, "The just-released Emerson College poll showed Biden at 50% and President Trump at 46%. The survey of 964 likely voters has a plus or minus 3.1 percentage point rating of accuracy."

censorship "investigation published this week proved the company is blocking search traffic from ... News and other conservative websites" breitbart.com/politics/2020/07

Will Trump stop the election?
"Such sensational statements focuses people on a nonexistent threat and undermines the faith in our election process. It is also simply wrong. There is no such possibility."
from jonathanturley.org/2020/07/31/
Who is Jonathan Turley?

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