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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that @PINE64 is releasing a Mobian Community Edition of the ! This is a major milestone for our project, which started less than a year ago as a way to bring Debian to this
mobile device!
10$ of each device sold will be donated to @mobian. See more soon about this on our blog at

January Update!

- Announcing @mobian CE

- keyboard progress update

- and production news

- podcast in Feb

- New website is now up

- software news

- Red & firmware update

and much more!

If you are looking for a privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook Events, you might want to check out Mobilizon:

It's a free open source federated events platform, and is part of the Fediverse as it uses the ActivityPub protocol.

Because it's still new, it currently only federates between Mobilizon instances. You can't follow Mobilizon instances from Mastodon yet, however this is planned for the future.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Mobilizon #FacebookEvents #Alternatives

How to fix the world's divisive chaos: Stop spending so much fucking time on social media and actually do something constructive.

I completed my first day using the full-time today. Or at least as full time as possible. There were some things I had to figure out, but overall I feel like after a year of owning this phone and tinkering with it, it's nearly to a point where it'll be daily driveable soon.

There's been lots of talk about "moving forward" and “healing" among Republicans. Here's how to help if you're sincere.

1. Say out loud that America had a free and fair election in November. Point out that Republicans won on the same ballots as Democrats.

2. Acknowledge that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election and will be President and Vice President. Say that, for the good of the country, you wish them the best.

3. Show you understand that on Wednesday the U.S. Capitol and legislative branch of our government was violently attacked by right-wing domestic terrorists. This may not be your fault (unless you are Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, or one of the others who helped incite this attack) but you can make a huge difference by condemning it.

4. Urge all people to stay away from and not participate in violent demonstrations in Washington D.C. and state capitols so that we can honor the peaceful transfer of power that is the hallmark of our democracy.

Thanks in advance.

I am making more of an attempt to use my more. Am using it to post this with . Hoping to hang around here more. 😊

Controversial Opinion 

The best file manager is your terminal.

Fielding questions as to why I left mainstream social media from family members has been entertaining thus far. Their eyes glaze over as soon as I start talking about "fundamental right of privacy."

Well what did you expect asking the Bitcoin lunatic in your family why they made a choice on the internet? 😂

uspol, parler 

okay I'm laughing, which one of you is responsible for this parler post

Do not change your password today. Instead, get yourself a password manager. Can be free, can be paid. Generate different random passwords for each of your accounts.

Do yourself a favor and make this one of your New Year's resolution.

@CrowderSoup Is anyone else as obsessed with tui/cli tools as I am? I might have a problem :| haha

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