The twenty-ninth edition of my weekly collection of Linux Phone news (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!

Pine64 January update, @mobian Community Edition, shipping update and more!

@unicornfarts I only got it a few hours ago so I can't speak to reliability, but I was able to turn it on and pair it right out of the box. Since then I've been able to turn it on and have it auto pair to the phone in just a couple seconds. The buttons feel good. The trackpad works well. Tap to click works. For the price I paid ($25) I am thus far a satisfied customer. That may change after a few weeks of use though 😂

@normandc @silkevicious I am with you, if I can totally ditch my Android in 2021 I will. I'm thinking I might need to get more into the software dev side of things to fill gaps but I've never built any GTK apps before so I'm out of my element 😅

"Getting people to value privacy is like trying to get somebody raised on Burger King to value their heath. They won't know how important it is until they have that first stroke."

Possibly the best thing to come out of

I didn't like Brave before, but today a friend told me about Brave's CEO. This is (imo) the definitive reason of why Brave shouldn't be used.

I didn't know that their CEO was the co-founder of Mozilla, that guy that was (and is) against same sex marriage and that's an antimasker, Brendan Eich.

@silkevicious I'm hoping that the keyboard case thats being developed will include an additional larger batter to help out with this issue.

@silkevicious You'd probably have to charge it halfway through the day if I'm being honest. Battery life is getting better but it's still not great. It's not a problem for me since I work at a desk and am never far from a charger but that would be a deal breaker to some.

@silkevicious I haven't tried an XMPP client as I don't have an account on a server not anyone to talk to on XMPP. Would love to rectify this and test for you though! I will look into it 😊

Hi friends,

donation system is NOT under heavy load. The service is fully operational. Feel free to use it 😉

@ndanes RCS is supposed to be an open standard, so hopefully one day it'll be supported by a Linux phone!

Day 3 with
@mobian on my from
@PINE64 went really smoothly. I am very excited about the community edition that was launched today as well. Trying to decide if I should buy the upgraded version or stick with my braveheart 😬 💸 😅

@willricketts A lot of the characters and story-lines for Manalorian start in Clone Wars and Rebels. Enjoy!

@willricketts If you haven't already, you should absolutely watch Clone Wars and Rebels. George Lucas hired him to do Clone Wars, and Disney kept him on. But they wouldn't let him do the Sequels because he didn't have live action experience. Now they realized what a fucking mistake that was 😂

@willricketts I just want Dave Filoni to do whatever he wants with Star Wars.

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