Even if you are fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends against holding a meeting that could have been an email.

Gemini or Gopher ? Gemini seems like a new and cool approach to the web, but gopher is the old tried and true. Several phlogs I looked at seem to be using both. So I have to just ask the #fediverse for blogging and journals which do you prefer?

A number of ways that Facebook tracks you: bnolet.me/posts/2021/01/how-fa

If I missed anything, please let me know! :)

@grishka I won't give you any spoilers, but the fact that it doesn't make sense to you means you're already catching on to the main point of the plot.

@Mundon I think usually my wife makes enough "mistakes" for us all to get at least one. Though I do think the mistakes are intentional 😅

@hund lol, well in this case it's because it's above the fireplace. But other TVs in the home are higher so that little kids can't reach them and get their fingerprints all over

Been working on post types for my blog this weekend a bit. Eventually I want my blog to have posts like this, regular articles, and even instagram/pixelfed style posts so it can be my main identity online.

It feels good to be making progress towards that!

@hund haha, I am and it is a common trope. Though I hope we're not as bad sice that TV is a Samsung Frame meant mainly for displaying art.

@Mundon I know this pain all too well. I secretly hope she messes one or two up so I can have them

Site.js 16.4.0 released

Tells Google to not track you in Chrome.


Note: any web server that doesn’t automatically do this doesn’t care about your privacy.

Also note: If you’re reading this, do not use Chrome.

Finally, fuck Google!

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #SiteJS #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism

@mzumquadrat haha, oh I was dealing with that recently for a transactional mail service. I updated the DNS to verify and it took forever for it to verify even though I could `dig` and see the updates myself.

Got my steps in today. 8k is a low goal but after a year of being mostly sedentary it's a start. Here's to me hitting every day from here on out.

Hi everyone, we often get the question which domain provider we could recommend - also in regards to privacy. What would you recommend to fellow Tutanota users who want to get a custom domain? #followerpower #privacy #communitysupport

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