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Literally no one:


Okay who will be the first FOSS conference to stream via the newly updated #peertube ?!

We wanted alternatives, we supported it, now we need to use it.

Make your mark on history, I dare you;)

#streaming #foss #opensource #conference #activitypub #fediverse #alternatives

@normandc Good luck! This is all so bleeding edge that every little thing is an adventure. I think I've tried nearly every OS and UI for the in the past couple of days and while some are better than others, its all still really early days.

@normandc yeah, you need the keyring so that it can store passwords safely. I've been distro hopping and now now I'm on . It's probably my favorite thus far, but maybe because I'm most familiar with based operating systems.

Not sure why that didn't replace the ":smile:" with an emoji, but hey, still pretty neat!

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tip: you can use your mouse to select and copy text! Put this in your `tmux.conf`:

bind-key -T copy-mode-vi MouseDragEnd1Pane send-keys -X copy-pipe-and-cancel "xclip -se c -i"

@normandc I thought I had tried that to no avail, but now you've got me doubting myself so imma try that again 😅

@normandc Yeah, right now I think the advice for my issue is to have your PinePhone on a WiFi network with only a single node. I could set up a lab network for the pinephone, but it would be annoying... I'm just trying to decide if it would be more or less annoying than the current issues, haha.

re: Battery life, I have been really impressed with the life on

@normandc I really like with Phosh thus far, the only issue I'm having is with WiFi stability. I think the issue is that I have 4 WiFi nodes in my house (mesh) and the phone gets confused about which one to connect to.

@normandc How do you like ? I've been trying out , , and others. I've also used , and Ubuntu Touch seems to be the most refined UI available. But I still can't get nextcloud working so I can sync my keepass file on UBPorts.

@mike I've been wanting to try out ! I'll give this a read. Thanks!

@kev I honestly agree with everything in your post. I'm tinkering with some stuff (slowly) to make it better, but I've given up on WordPress, as there's just so much complexity there already. needs more turnkey solutions for people who just want a site that works.

@utahcon Glad I'm already backing my photos up to nextcloud. Now I just need to find another open source solution for the other Google Photos features...

graphic designer in need of work. pls boost. 

I'm a freelancer with 5+ years of experience. My portfolio consists of brand identity & logo projects, social media design, packaging, promotional material, book covers, custom artwork and more. I am looking to do editorial design, presentation decks, book design and such if someone will give me a chance.

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