I am making more of an attempt to use my more. Am using it to post this with . Hoping to hang around here more. 😊

Cool! I haven't booted up mine for 2 weeks or more. Its SD card slot is defective so no distro hopping nor additional storage for me. I'm waiting for the replacement mainboards to be back in stock on @PINE64's online store.

@normandc @PINE64 if I can make it through a full week of use I will be considering upgrading the mainboard on my braveheart too! Bummer that yours isn't in workng order though 😔

It works, I just can't use the SD card slot which, considering the low storage of the UBports CE (like the BH), severely limits its possibilities. Plus I can't test other distros.


@normandc @PINE64 ahh, that makes sense. Yeah I still haven't even flashed mobian to the internal storage so I'd be screwed if I were in your shoes.

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