Not sure why that didn't replace the ":smile:" with an emoji, but hey, still pretty neat!

@CrowderSoup Instance emojis aren't supported yet, but it's totally doable

I'm envious, I can't get it to log in to one of my accounts. The process is stuck on a loop.

Say, on Manjaro Phosh, did you have to set a GNOME keyring early on? I cancelled it when I got the screen, soon after installing (during my first tries a few months ago I found it a real bore to have to enter that password all the time). I wonder if that's what causing my log in issue?

@normandc yeah, you need the keyring so that it can store passwords safely. I've been distro hopping and now now I'm on . It's probably my favorite thus far, but maybe because I'm most familiar with based operating systems.

Thanks. Well, now to figure out how to salvage this. I don't even know what I'm supposed to do, and can't find any simple documentation about it. The GNOME keyring wiki page might as well be written in Chinese. ☹️

@normandc Good luck! This is all so bleeding edge that every little thing is an adventure. I think I've tried nearly every OS and UI for the in the past couple of days and while some are better than others, its all still really early days.

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