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@thibaultamartin Tant que tu as "est xxx" tu devras accorder. Je dirais donc d'inverser :
"Arrivée de X" / "Départ de X" ?
Au pire, il faudra vérifier s'il y a une voyelle en premier pour avoir "Arrivée d'Y"...

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The EU organises a Jitsi hackathon between April 26 and May 3, with paid prizes

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In the past, browser were trying to protect their users against website that were tracking them.
Today, websites need to protect their visitors against their browser that is tracking them.

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You might not have heard of me, but I was your great-grand-uncle. I was in one of the first cohorts to be uploaded, as we called it, or brainsplanted as it's known nowadays.
The reason I reach out to you is that hosting fees have increased faster than I budgeted for...
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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New patron-only post, a first look at profiles in the official Mastodon iOS app

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On a donc le plus haut responsable de l'Éducation Nationale qui, après avoir vanté que tout était prêt et eu un certain temps pour faire le point sur le sujet (on est plus dans la surprise de mars 2020),rejette la faute sur
- un hébergeur
- une attaque
- les régions
- ...

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Lucky to find a couple of hours today for writing and testing code. _Time_ really is the most valuable asset. 😅 #MSX #cubedroid

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"Your E-Mail Validation Logic is Wrong"

Interesting read if you like email (address) trivia. Don't expect practical advice on how to do email address validation, though.

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Today, I’m 8 🎂

Today, wallabag v2 is 5 (

Just a toot to thank you to be here for so long 😘🎉

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It's always interesting to see how quickly distributions are picking up new software, and how timely new releases get rolled out as updates.

In other news, duf v0.6.2 is out 😄

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***Avis aux cyber-villains***
Conformément à l'annonce de ma direction ce jour, je suis maintenant RSSI de l'INSA de Lyon. Afin de ne pas troubler ma quiétude, je vous remercie donc d'avance de nous laisser tranquilles.
Bisous 😘

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Problem happens.
Tries a bunch of stuff. Nothing works.

"Hey, maybe this other extremely unlikely thing will do the job? I'll try just so I can say I covered my bases."

Tries it. It works.

"Right now I'm very, VERY surprised and more than a little afraid."

Quickly signs off because it's almost 9:00PM and I really don't want to have to explain that to anybody.

In your opinion, Friday « midnight » is...

Boosts appreciated for sample size d😊

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Pour vos soirées festives 🎉 ou vos week-ends en famille 🏖️, je sais maintenant animer un tutoriel d'une demie-journée sur MI-LXC 💻 ! Le déroulé est là : N'hésitez pas ! 🍾

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Hello folks! 👋🏻

I'm new here. I'm really into

I'm co-authoring a multiplayer game in Rust (currently pre-alpha):

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Ey up,
I heard of Mastodon yesterday from a tweet sent out from my RaspPi bot, telling me that Google had pulled Tusky from Play.

I considered if Google doesn't like it, then it must be worth taking a look 😁

I'm a data scientist, gamer, Linux fan, husband, father, vegan, ex hedonist, recovering Yorkshireman in exile out in the colonies

I'm really impressed by how friendly this place is, and I look forward to contributing to discussions, and understanding what's going on 😋

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