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Heyo! Can anyone recommend a free (as in beer) option for transforming image PDFs to OCR'd PDFs [1] ? French support + macOS required, FLOSS preferred.

[1]: I'm not sure if I'm very clear πŸ˜•. Here's my use case: I have an app on my phone that scans documents to PDFs but it doesn't do any OCR. I also have a bunch of digital documents for which I don't have a paper version anymore. I'd like to OCR these documents to make them searchable and allow copy/paste.

Finally decided to my own instance! I was previously using but felt bad about leaving my data in the US when I'm in France and I'm the main user of my code.

The new home of my code is now at ! 🏑

So I finally decided to stick with GoatCounter. Plausible is really nice but has too many moving parts for my setup. GoatCounter is a single binary and can be backed by SQLite which is perfect for the very low volume of my website.

Considering features, for my use case both tools seemed pretty identical but I feel plausible can do a bit more advanced stuff than GC.

Pinging @plausible @softinio and @funnylookinhat because they participated in the thread 😊

@karan hi πŸ‘‹

Just so you know there are already at least one or two tweet cleaning CLI tools out there, such as 😊

And I wrote if you want to do the same on mastodon πŸ˜‰

Two days ago I published an update for . It fixed a bug blocking the initial setup. If you tried it and experienced it, please give it another go 😊

It’s available here:, or just
pip install cleantoots

Thanks to the issue reporter on GitHub!

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I published a few more updates to since yesterday, check it out πŸ™‚

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome, I hope the tool may be useful!

If you happen to appreciate it -or not-, feel free to drop a message in the project issues:
All feedback is welcome.

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is now easier to install and use! I published it on PyPI so you just need to `pip install cleantoots` :)

The readme should answer all questions and is available on the GitHub project page :

As always, feedback is very much appreciated! If you happen to use it even only once, let me know what went well/bad for you!

This afternoon I wrote cleantoots. It lets you delete your old toots based on their age, the number of favorites or boosts they have.

See :

I plan on making it more friendly to install. Currently you have to clone the repo and install the dependencies.

Feedback is highly appreciated 😊

Thanks for the warm welcome to all of you!

Question: I’m currently using Mast on iOS to access mastodon, do you have other suggestions?

I’d prefer a native app that respects iOS UI/UX standards but I’m open to any alternative 😊

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Also I recently graduated from an engineering school in France 😊

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Hi there!
Happy to join mastodon and one of the FOSS communities. I’m a Python developer. I probably won’t toot on a regular basis but that might happen πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
I go by he/him.

See you!


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