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So, 2020 was starting on a good note with 2.7 EOL. But we had in return a worldwide pandemic.

2021 is starting with adobe death .... Prepare for meteor shower. 😬

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Thanks a lot to @kev and @mike for creating this space, @cooper for managing us, @joseph @codesections @Gina for taking care of the rest.

Thanks to all fellow users at this instance out there.

You all made my first experience with the fediverse a great and pleasant adventure.

Greetings to all my followers, if I only knew what caused you to do that. πŸ€”

Happy New year, glad to meet you all here!

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Does anyone know of a good HTML post-processor that cleans up the mess static site generators make of HTML?

There was a good one I saw a while ago that was a single binary; you give it the path to a file and it spits out a cleaned-up version without breaking any of the content. I can’t find it again though :hanaThonk:

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Just published a post about Python dependency management with Poetry, check it out 😊

Hey there @kev πŸ‘‹ It seems that your introductory post to 100 Days to Offload[1] has disappeared, is there a reason why? :)


Quick note: how to use pipx with a pyenv-installed Python interpreter:

Mainly as a reminder for me when in several months I'll look for how to do this again x)

I guess that's what you get when you try to make a live preview system work cross-browser πŸ˜…

I just added comments on my blog so that everyone can react easily, even without a Mastodon account :)

If it turns out to be a chore to maintain, I may remove the feature but it was fun to build anyway.

After a long break, I published another article on my blog :) This one is about my recent 3D printing adventure!

@karan hi πŸ‘‹

Just so you know there are already at least one or two tweet cleaning CLI tools out there, such as 😊

And I wrote if you want to do the same on mastodon πŸ˜‰

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