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@mike Well strange, checking the raw feed it seems like the markup is OK

@mike Hi there! Just so you know, your RSS feed might mess up images (or at least it doesn't convert them to proper markup 😊 ), see the screenshot:

@mike oh, found it! There you go: (the first post is at the bottom of the page)

@mike it remembers me of an experiment in a series of blog posts I read, where the author (a journalist) would ask a technical friend to help them block all requests to tech giants. It was very interesting to read, I need to find it!

@tallblondeguy @mike yeah the thing is flawed: because you query a picture hosted on AWS doesn’t mean your website is unusable.

@fourstepper Of course I could just run parts of it like meta, git and todo.

Finally, the lack of integration between the services is currently something I dislike but they’re working to improve it IIRC.

All in all gitea was easy to install, runs in a docker container, is lightweight and easy to configure to my needs.


It preferably runs on Alpine Linux, which is a distro that I don’t feel like managing on a daily basis, etc.

I didn’t have a good experience last time I tried to host it but I don’t think it was because of the software itself, more likely my setup.

The install setup is quite nice actually but the software is too complicated for my needs: I’d need to run an email service to receive contributions for example.

@fourstepper I tried but it does not fit well in my environment.

I use Docker to back all my services on a big VM, sourcehut would be more suited to run on multiple small VMs hosting the different services required.

They don’t provide any official Docker image because Drew DeVault doesn’t like it and firmly believes that everybody should host services on bare metal or VMs at most.

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@Crocmagnon No problem 😉, We are part of a great community and the one thing we are great at is helping one another 😁

@codesections have you tried asking the users directly? 😇 I’m curious now! 😄

@0PT41N Thanks for the advice! I also used to have 2x2TB WD Red (RAID 1) in my NAS but I replaced them with 4x1TB Samsung SSDs with RAID 10 so I'm resilient to one disk failure in each cluster of disks 😊
I also have hourly external backups of my data and most config info so I'm not afraid 😉

I just finished moving the storage on my NAS to SSDs! My blog and other services should be back up now 😊

It was mostly a pleasant experience, except for the long VM backup time 👌🏻

for the win!

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In between “real” work, I’ve been hacking on a tiny but satisfying side project: a hybrid native + web app for Plausible Analytics!

@kev ouch, I just saw their announcement 😕

I’m currently using BW but was using LP before and I setup an LP account for my grandmother, which she uses regularly 😕 it took some time for her to get used to LP and I don’t see her often especially during the pandemic, it’s gonna be tough to migrate her remotely!

@zaclys cela dit, merci de faire en sorte de faciliter l’accès à ces outils aux gens et de leur faire prendre conscience que prendre soin de son hygiène numérique est important !

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