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"Pretty layers of encapsulation"

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@Gina I'm mentioning you because IIRC you (used to?) live there, don't feel compelled to answer 😉

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Hi there! We're planning a trip mid July and we're considering Amsterdam as a destination. I imagine that the city has a lot to offer but I'd like to have some locals' opinion 😀
What should we visit/do if we go there at this time of the year ? 🙂

Boosts appreciated !

@SonoMichele I think the Java guys at my workplace use maven to directly produce a docker image. Maybe you can find some sort of plugin to make it work?

@kev your last post reminded me of James Veitch 😄 he has a YouTube channel now but the TED talk is pure gold (literally 🙃)

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Au boulot ! Avec, nous aurons le plaisir de présenter "MI-LXC: A Small-Scale Internet-Like Environment for Network Security Teaching" au workshop ETACS (Education, Training and Awareness in Cybersecurity) de ARES. Ce sera le 17 août en ligne.

@nwalfield thanks for your answer 😊

I’m not yet interested in changing jobs but I would definitely have contacted you otherwise 👌🏻

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We (Sequoia, are looking to hire a devop engineer to maintain and expand our CI, setup some benchmarking infrastructure, keep our web services running like, etc. You should care about privacy and free software. We'd prefer someone living in or near a European timezone. Salary is 43 kEuros/year for 20 hours/week. Salary is not negotiable. Hours are (salary scales linearly). If you are interested, mail me: 8F17777118A33DDA9BA48E62AACB3243630052D9 .

@nwalfield Looks cool! What country are you based in? Do you offer a permanent contract or are you looking for a freelancer?

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Sometimes the best debugging technique is taking a nap.

@kev Glad you like it! 😊 Please message me if you need help setting it up or if you discover some weird behavior! 😉

@kev It can be configured to protect some toots based on id, tags, number of favorites, number of boosts. And it obviously supports multiple instances.

@kev I developped cleantoots right for this use case :) It's a program you can run on your computer, doesn't require you to trust a third party.

@peregrine @cassidyjames yeah a multimeter seems mandatory to debug this kind of issue.

Sometimes there are flaky solders but from the image I can’t see any obvious ones.

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Dissatisfied with computers, the poet tried all manners of pen, pencil, brush, and stylus before settling on quills. But which bird?
After years of travels and trials through time and space, she found it.
Critics agree, the poems she wrote with a T-Rex quill surpass all others.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@telroy looks cool! I’ll definitely try it soon 😊 thanks !

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I discovered git-bug yesterday and I think it’s everything I’ve ever wanted lol

It‘s fully embedded in git and lets you create, edit and read bugs/issues from CLI, TUI or web-ui. It even has bridges to other trackers, so you can pull and push your bugs/issues to GitLab or GitHub. Best of all, it works completely offline and doesn’t add bloat to your repository.

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@ru I have used mind maps for some of my posts, they help organize my ideas.

I also wrote articles from top to bottom with very little editing after either because I wanted it out or because I knew precisely what I wanted to tell and everything just flew. It has been rare though.

I usually do little research per se since I try to mostly write about topics I’m very familiar with. I check my references though, and try to find some when the only reference I currently have is my memory.

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