@Crocmagnon thank you for reading and for the kind words!

@wilw yeah I really like reading your articles 😊 I’m subscribed to your RSS feed so if you have analytics I’m likely not showing up though 😉

@Crocmagnon Ah thank you, that is kind :) They're a bit all over the place sometimes! And that's the nice thing about RSS - it's more convenient and privacy respecting (I do the same for many blogs too) - just subscribed to yours, looks like some great articles!


@wilw that’s what I like about RSS too 😊 also it brings everything together in a single interface, no need to go all over the place.

Thanks for subscribing! It’s been a long time since the last post but I have some ideas in the back of my head. Maybe I’ll post in the near future, who knows 😅

@Crocmagnon yeah the ideas bit is always the tricky part! I’ll keep an eye out for them 😊

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