Heyo! Can anyone recommend a free (as in beer) option for transforming image PDFs to OCR'd PDFs [1] ? French support + macOS required, FLOSS preferred.

[1]: I'm not sure if I'm very clear 😕. Here's my use case: I have an app on my phone that scans documents to PDFs but it doesn't do any OCR. I also have a bunch of digital documents for which I don't have a paper version anymore. I'd like to OCR these documents to make them searchable and allow copy/paste.

@Crocmagnon @mike I recommend this service: doxisafe.me/#/safe/start
They have their own KI named Deeper and it's not Google's Tesseract plus an extra cloud service for free. Besteht I found so far.


@kettcar64 @mike Thanks for your suggestion, but I don’t feel safe uploading my pdf to an online service I don’t have control over. Plus there are some confidential documents I’m not allowed to upload anywhere among the ones I need to process 😊

I admit that it’s a really simple and easy solution though, and it might be sufficient for some!

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