Hi @kev! 👋 Quick note about some software forges such as GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, etc. let you use the web interface to create a file and add your content.

So you can use a Markdown editor on your iPad such as Drafts (or any other app for that matter) to write your entire post offline and then copy/paste it into the web UI when you're connected.

By the way, what iPad do you use? And with which keyboard, if any? 🙂

@Crocmagnon that makes the whole process a little pointless if I’m having to write, then c/p. I should be able to git push and be down with it.

I have the latest iPad Air. Not sure which keyboard, just an amazon one.

@kev well you can still write your post in the web interface but it’s surely less comfortable than having a real editor for that.

I know that GitHub recently published an iOS app but I don’t know if you can create a file within it yet. Might be a good alternative?

I don’t know if you’ll get Markdown syntax colors.

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