@Crocmagnon I got the old version (YNAB 4) a long time ago and I tried, unsuccessfully, to start using it three or four times. It's a radical shift in thinking about budgeting compared to most traditional ways of thinking about it which is why it never really clicked for me. I kept trying some hybrid version of the YNAB-method and classical budgeting, and it failed miserably.

With the new web based YNAB I embraced the four rules and I've now used it since May 2019 and will keep using it.

"Try YNAB free for 34 days"?

You mean I'll have to *pay* to *save* money? You mean this is proprietary software? You mean I'll have no control over the code that's supposed to track all of my income and expenses ?

And you expect me to trust them with this data where I'm already uncomfortable that my *bank* knows all about my money transactions?

I'm sorry, but no thanks, the flag is too big and too red.

@Crocmagnon @kungtotte

@Naughtylus @Crocmagnon I use it without connecting it directly to my bank (can't, even, it's not supported).

It's just numbers. You can enter them in a different order of magnitude if you want, pretend like they're Yen even though you're really using US dollars or whatever, if you care enough to obfuscate this data to YNAB.

I've been a paying customer for a year; there's been zero leaks of this data anywhere.

It's also 100% available through their API, if you want to export it.

That's not the point.

To oversimplify: Skype was nice, Skype was good, Skype was e2e encrypted. Skype is now microsoft.

@Naughtylus Skype was also always a gratis product, whereas YNAB has an actual business model. They don't need to sell out to Microsoft (or whoever) to stay in business.

And if that happens down the line, I'll cancel my subscription, export my data if I care to, and go about my day.

@Naughtylus @Crocmagnon I've received no spam, no anything to indicate that YNAB has in any way accessed my data. And like I said, it's just numbers to them. They can't know if the numbers in my YNAB budget are real, so how are they going to sell that data?

If you think $84/yr is too much I don't blame you, it's a lot of money for an unknown product, and you really need to "get it" to see its value. You can ask for an extended trial if you want, 3 or 6 months is commonly granted.

@kungtotte @Crocmagnon And thus they caught you in their net. The idea is nice, and I'm not arguing over the price, or how they do handle the data. I'm arguing on the underlying moral principles and business tactics. I'm just not OK with entrusting this kind of information to someone else. If they really didn't care, they should make their software free and ask for donations.

That is my opinion, and I respect yours. I'm just expressing my concerns so other people can make an informed decision.

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