is now easier to install and use! I published it on PyPI so you just need to `pip install cleantoots` :)

The readme should answer all questions and is available on the GitHub project page :

As always, feedback is very much appreciated! If you happen to use it even only once, let me know what went well/bad for you!

I published a few more updates to since yesterday, check it out 🙂

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome, I hope the tool may be useful!

If you happen to appreciate it -or not-, feel free to drop a message in the project issues:
All feedback is welcome.


Two days ago I published an update for . It fixed a bug blocking the initial setup. If you tried it and experienced it, please give it another go 😊

It’s available here:, or just
pip install cleantoots

Thanks to the issue reporter on GitHub!

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