So as a hobby, I repair, disassemble & . I stuff using salvaged parts for people and charity. Not the point.

I opened a Philips Micro Music System DCM2055. It's a cd player.

This thing is a beauty. And I say that as someone who doesn't think they've ever owned a branded product.

It's got such reusable modular parts, it doesn't skimp, the is beautiful. It's just not very often I get to see a mass produced product looking this good. Well done.

Noob question I could totally Google but would rather have a conversation:

How does Mastodon deal with backups? Up to each server? Cross-server backups/communication?

Does this live forever? Or does it die when the server you chose goes down?

Anyone else find leak like crazy? Like I've had to clean out so much battery acid because of this crap. They're device poison.

Look, I know the news regarding our global climate is pretty dire and gloomy, but don't worry.

We're gonna do something about it in about 15-30 years time.

No way I'm the only person from Regina, Saskatchewan on here. But the hashtags sure do seem empty.

Sure this will be awful, but man, think of the profits we had! We did it! And if we work really hard, we can ensure all the costs and human misery this is going to cause is socialized while we continue funneling the profits to rich people who seem to be trying to escape this planet for some reason.


I find Facebook so depressing, but not enough people I know in real life (see: any) are nerdy enough to get up on Mastodon. I like this place, but it feels a lot like tweeting into the void.

Howdy, anyone out there do twitch? I'm at and I'd love to see some of you. And I don't mean because I want followers or subs, I honestly want to meet cool people, and this seems like a good way to reach out and try to make friends with some overlapping interests. So if it's your thing, I'd love to see you while I'm fuckin' about.

New to but how do you guys handle the bots you dont find useful? Do you just mute them as you come accross them? I'd appreciate some and opinions. Waant to start off right.


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