2020 is going to go down in history as the year a bug crashed society through lack of science literacy and fear.

: Hello Fosstodon!

Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for phones from @kde Community.

We will use this account to share updates, and stay in touch with our community!

So based on your recommendations I purchased #Logitech C920 as a webcam. And I can confirm it works great with #Linux. FullHD video is more than enough for conference calls and microphone is a big improvement over the one built in my laptop. 👌

true compassion is giving everyone a stuffed animal when they're sad

Apparently, entered the Arch Linux AUR yesterday!


Another step on the path to world domination... 😈

Oh! I would be remiss to note that is included in @ubuntu 20.04 "Focal Fossa" in universe by virtue of being imported from @debian! So even Ubuntu users can try it out soon!


Woo! Today, finally landed in @debian!


I'm looking forward to seeing Debian-based Pagure deployments soon!

@monsieuricon In re: LWN comment about alternative frontend for contributions that accepts arbitrary Git servers for PRs: so when are we getting pagure.kernel.org? :)

Kind reminder: if you want to get hosted on #Fedora #translation platform (#weblate), it's free, whatever you are big or little, as long as you are free/libre open source project.

Rappel: tout projet libre peut être hébergé sur la plateforme de #traduction de Fedora (Weblate).

Connect #Fedora to your #android phone with GSConnect


GSConnect is an implementation of the KDE Connect project tailored for the @gnome desktop.

@kde Connect makes it possible for your devices to communicate with each other.

GSConnect is a complete implementation of KDE Connect, but in the form of a GNOME shell extension.

I'm pleased to indicate that I'll be attending in Boston next month! It'll be my first time attending, and I'm looking forward to it! Folks interested in learning about , , and other things from me can feel free to meet up with me there.

@jibec I see you made a app for . Do you plan on updating it to the latest version of Pagure anytime soon?

Also, out of curiosity, how come there's no Fedora or CentOS variant of @yunohost?

Thanks to the generous support of the newly-established Weblate instance, debbuild is now open for translations!

So if you'd like to see debbuild run in your preferred language, you can! The more the merrier!


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