Starting soon: at : Packaging in @fedora and @opensuse. Originally prepared by @Defolos, but yours truly is presenting instead!

Are you going to be in the Nürnberg area on June 3rd or 4th? Then be sure to join the #fedora_hatch meetup at the @opensuse conference, 14:30 on both days! ( and Come and meet @Conan_Kudo, myself and other @fedora members!

Never feel guilty about spending your work time on the discussion of a feature rather than on implementation of it.

"Talking" is not some annoying side activity, not "unnecessary" politics and not a waste of your time. It is the primary job responsibility of an engineer.

Writing your own code is a hobby, you do it for fun.

Reading code of others, and explaining your code and design decision to others is the main thing you are paid for. It makes you an engineer.

Party time! (Well, actually — the party is on Friday and Saturday. See you there?)

Why doesn't Python's logging have a "notice" level? If debug is 'extra information for solving problems', going straight from 'info' to 'warning' means no sensible way to distinguish between 'log every action (but not the debug details, obviously)' and 'note that you're working'.

What should the @gnome Foundation do with its instant messaging platform? Use IRC? @matrix? Both?

Our community has spoken, and the result is pretty clear!

Anyone want to fix IceBreaker? It is a) kind of crashy, for some reason and b) terrible C code I mostly wrote in a burst of inspiration over the course of two weeks 20-someting years ago.

I don't have time for this but... maybe you do?

Today I learned that you can have room specific nicknames in Matrix. To do so type /myroomnick <nickname> (without the < >)

#Matrix #MatrixProtocol #MatrixTips

Registration is open for the
(LAS) 2022!

This year LAS will be held online and in-person in Rovereto, Italy from 29 to 30 April 2022.

For more information and to register, visit

#LAS22 #KDE #GNOME #linuxappsummit #registration

We're proud to share the release of GNOME 42! After months of hard work from all our teams, this release brings many improvements and exciting new features, like dark mode!
#GNOME42 #releaseday

Learn more about all the changes in #GNOME42 in our release notes:

I'm going to stream doing some work on CentOS Stream Hyperscale on Twitch momentarily:

(I'll also stream on my personal Twitch channel too:

[RT @llanga]
This is one of the Top 10 most prolific contributors to the Python programming language. He contributed more code than any currently sitting Steering Committee member. His life is in danger.

There is no "keeping politics out of programming", tech consists of real people.

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