Jira is not meaningfully better than Bugzilla or RT

The media is really pushing for Windows 7 users to transition to a distribution after a drop of support. Why not try @opensuse Or ? ? @debian? Try #1 before . It's easy! Just go to software.opensuse.org

Hey folks, my team at @SUSE is looking for some reinforcement. You'd be working in the SUSE Manager team and it's all about datacenter management software. Your focus would be Salt. So expect to see a lot of Python code, but occasionally also some Java. This is a position. Europe would be ideal, but we've also got someone from Australia on the team. About the people: They are awesome! DM me if you've got questions!


It took a few years (I think I started working on this back in 2017), but now all the pieces have landed for @fedora 32 to allow /boot as a Btrfs subvolume again! 🎉


Zero cost abstractions are a lie because all abstractions carry a cognitive cost


Hi everyone at ! New year, new instance. I moved here from to see how it works.😀

I am Team , supporter, Angel & member at User Group .


@succfemboi the problem is what WSL represents, not the technical implementation of it.

All you Rustaceans interested in developing software for system package management, here's a slightly delayed Christmas gift: *official* Rust bindings to librpm, courtesy of @bascule@twitter.activitypub.actor!

Check it out! Contributions welcome!

While visiting my mom I grabbed her laptop to upgrade the OS to @Fedora 31 just to find out, to my big surprise, she already did it by herself. And this is when we're reaching the "damn simple and reliable" mark, my friends. ✌

The last #Windows stronghold in our family conquered. After so many #Windows10 update breakages my wife gave up and asked me to install #Fedora on her laptop. Done with pleasure. 😀

Today, I took a deep breath and ... removed the python2 support from Mock code. It is time to move. #fedora

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