I finally said goodbye and (closed) my account.

Three more to go for a happier life

1. Google account - YouTube channel and Gmail
2. GitHub
3. Amazon

Updated list of things to get out from and status.

βœ… LinkedIn
πŸ”² Personal Gmail Account
πŸ”² Spam Gmail Account
βœ… Official Gmail Account
βœ… YouTube Channel
πŸ”² GitHub
πŸ”² Amazon
πŸ”² Random sites I subscribed to without knowing.
πŸ”² Patreon (useless right now anyways)


Forgot to update the thread,
Here ya go

Updated list of things to get out from and status.

βœ… LinkedIn.
πŸ”² Personal Gmail Account - less active now.
πŸ”² Spam Gmail Account - No more mails, sadly scammers don't want me any more.
βœ… Official Gmail Account.
βœ… YouTube Channel.
πŸ”² GitHub
βœ… Amazon
βœ… Random sites I subscribed to without knowing. (I think I'm done)
πŸ”² Patreon (still useless)

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Turns out I am using more proprietary services than I thought I was.
I was able to recover my old password manager files, and boi it had more than 100 services that I no longer login to.

Time to clean things up πŸ”₯

@CodingOtaku I find it hard to leave some as they provide services which can't be found elsewhere, especially for my teaching and tutoring roles.

@minimlr When I can't find a good ethical alternative, I refer to these sites. It could help you replace some of the tools you use.




@CodingOtaku Perfect! Thank you! I keep meaning to have a look at Nextcloud because I would rather use my own resources to access my data.

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