I constantly imagine a world where everyone has their mind connected to each other for information sharing. It does not share your personal information or anything that can even remotely identify you, but it shares knowledge on the things that has been made before.

Imagine not having to learn things that has already been done! Your mind is already connected to an open internet of human brains which already has the information you seek.

You can just download the information directly to your brain and use it like you already learned it!

Now you can focus your attention on new innovations, and kids still has to go to school for learning how to use the downloaded knowledge the right way!

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@CodingOtaku How are you sure it's open? It could be a totalitarian's dream to have everyone's mind combined, recorded,analysed, manipulated, controlled.

It is a bit of stretch, the only way to keep it open is to make sure that it is maintained by a community, and also making sure that whatever they do during maintenance is also part of the knowledge that's being shared. Maybe we can make sure that no political or proprietary information is available.. (only science and logoc is shared)

I did not give much thought about the technical stuff lol!
any suggestions are welcome to make this fantasy-brain-network-thingy more open!

@CodingOtaku When the Internet was first to come out,there were the same expectations,but obviously it doesn't come out the way as we expected

You are right, internet and IOT (trust me, IOT were on paper with good intentions) are not what they are supposed to be, but I don't think that the problem was with just the internet or the people who used it for gathering personal information.

Things went south because lack of knowledge of common people and ignorance of educated folks.

We could learn from their mistakes and TRY to create something better, or keep whining about what we have without contributing anything to it..

@CodingOtaku That's why I insist people should put aside the tech utopia,and fix the education first.Because there is obviously something more important than introducing new technologies, technology owned by few people, often morally irresponsible,is very dangerous, especially when the technology has taken over every aspect of people's life

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