Had a very nice chat πŸ’¬ with our friends @stinpriza collective last week.

Feels good to know that there are more collectives sharing the same values about decentralized internet and free open source software out there 😊

These talks are part of our efforts to build stronger networks of resilience against together πŸ’ͺ

πŸ“’ Cloud68.co joins the network!

We are quite excited to be part of a bigger network of people who are heavily supporting the free software movement and decentralization. πŸ˜€ πŸ€πŸ‘


deZOOMify your digital life with these five open source video conferencing tools ➑️ itsfoss.com/open-source-video-

Let's move our data away from big tech!

Open-Source kanban with πŸ‘Œ

If your team is looking for a collaborative task management application, Wekan is the way to go - a an completely free and open source software, alternative to .


Image hosting with πŸ€³πŸ–ΌοΈπŸ˜Š
Happy to announce that now we are providing a managed service for Chevereto - a software which powers you build a photography website, which will make you more independent from or πŸ‘


In need of technical support, on-boarding, migrating or just want to know more about the open source instances we offer?

Now you can now easily schedule a call with one of our team members. We will be more than happy to help cloud68.co/schedule-a-call

@Gina @write_as at the moment we are using , but the long term goal is to have our own hardware. Hopefully we will have the budget to be able to get the hardware soon.

@Gina @write_as our ToS are published here cloud68.co/legal/terms-of-serv, although we are working on a update these days based on feedback we have from our partners.

@Gina @write_as thanks! Cloud68.co services are in Germany as mentioned also here cloud68.co/faq

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