Vaultwarden - Open Source, self hosted backend for the Bitwarden password manager.

Thinking beyond privacy: the risks of big tech’s entry into public sectors

How do big tech companies shape public sectors after their own interests? An interview with professor Tamar Sharon.

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@pixelfed Happy belated birthday! Keep up the great work 🥂

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Some managed hosting organisations have accounts on the Fediverse 👏

You can get in touch with them here if you have questions about hosting your own instances:

Cloud68 - @Cloud68 - @mastohost

SpaceBear - @support

Autonomic - @autonomic

Weingartner - @markus

#GrowYourOwn #HomeGrown #SelfHosting #ManagedHosting

Happy to all the women out there ❤️ Our team has been lucky and proud to have incredible and strong women among us since day one!🥰

Be proud of the strength you carry ✨

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Flash Forward 2022: An abundant world through sharing and collaboration.

Happy to provide reliable open source digital infrastructure for the event for the second year.

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Exactly ten years ago, The Document Foundation was officially incorporated as the home of LibreOffice. How time flies! Here's our blogpost from back then:

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HedgeDoc is a free open source collaborative markdown editor. You can follow at:

➡️ @hedgedoc

The website is at

HedgeDoc is web-based and you can host it yourself. There's a demo instance at

(HedgeDoc was previously known as CodiMD.)

#HedgeDoc #CodiMD #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Markdown #WebApps #Productivity #Office #SelfHosting

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It's #ILoveFS day again and we really appreciate all the positive feedback we received in previous years. 🥰

Without the amazing community behind all those #FOSS #Android apps our repository would be empty. So we'd like to ask you to pick one (or a couple 😏) of your favorite #apps from #FDroid and send them some kind words or maybe even a donation. (If an app has official contact or donation infos, you can find them browsing app details in F-Droid.)

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Big THANK YOU to the countless contributors of:

+ other #GNU / #Linux
+ other #FreeSoftware distributions whose #Mastodon accounts I did not find yet

for making all your great work for #SoftwareFreedom. #ilovefs #nt

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Did you already check out the newly created #delightful lists by @jonatasbaldin and @yarmo ?


Delightful #LibreHosters: People and organizations who deploy, maintain and offer open source services to the public.

Delightful #Matrix: Matrix resources, implementations and clients.

15 delightful lists now in total 😃

Wanna host your own? Check out how at:

And be part of

#FOSS #OpenScience

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If you haven't heard of us in a while, then not because we are dead, but because we are busy :)

HedgeDoc 2.0 is coming along nicely, lots of Pull Requests that got merged over the past few weeks.

We are looking forward to marry the new frontend to the new backend. Still needs some work, but it's going forward :)


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Collabora Online 21.11 Delivers New Features and Interoperability Improvements - "Collabora Online 21.11 introduces a new “native” sidebar. It is both a performance and usability improvement." #opensource

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Matomo Analytics is a powerful, secure, web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

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I got the idea from @humanetech and transformed into a list.

Here is the Delightful Libre Hosters, a list of people and organizations who deploy, maintain and offer open source services to the public.

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So, the first day of is over! But we're back tomorrow with more talks about LibreOffice technology and other developments. See you then!

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