This is infuriating. Windows 11 Home now forces the user to connect to the internet during setup so it can phone home.

@rudolf @ClosedGL that's been a workaround since Windows 10, why Microsoft have to be so obnoxious about this stuff I don't know

@rudolf It works until Microsoft programs the OOBE not to close

@ClosedGL Can we agree on how beautiful the color scheme and the design is? Looks like it is heavily inspired by Big Sur which I like.

@ClosedGL You’ve heard about always-online games, now prepare yourself for the always-online* OS!

* Service not guaranteed to be online. Downtime may occur. User accepts downtime will render the product unusable, and agrees to hold Microsoft harmless in all cases, despite any losses said downtime may incur

@ClosedGL windows 10 home does too. you have to hit the airplane mode switch.

@icedquinn The Windows 11 development build I used still forced me to connect to a network, even if the computer didn't have any network adapters.

@ClosedGL windows 11 must be dumb and also stupid. set it on fire.

@dhfir @icedquinn So glad I grew up with Windows XP and 7, and not this bloated mass surveillance crap.

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