🌶 take re: birdsite and mastodon 

One of the reasons people tend to go back to birdsite and not stick around on Mastodon is the human brain failing to quickly shift gears away from a platform that's dopamine based.

All that dopamine? Suddenly poof. "OK what now? I guess I should open birdsite."


🌶 take re: birdsite and mastodon 

@ru this assumes there's any dopamine left on birdsite. For at least some of us "expats" birdsite is now a source of stress.

🌶 take re: birdsite and mastodon 

@Cleoqc @ru
Man, toxicity is getting kinda nuts.

I followed a lot of peeps (fans) on there, and while many were absolutely lovely, some were pretty toxic and even downright sycophantic.

Almost every Twitter community was like that. Lots of wounded people shouting at their perceived villains 😥

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