As a long time user of the OpenOffice suite, and now LibreOffice, I cannot recommend it enough along with the open document format. Please stop using proprietary trash for even the most rudimentary documents.

Also, If you make non-fillable PDF forms, there is a special place in hell for you.

@Citizenzibb totally agreed but sadly depending on who you're working with or where you're working you need to use proprietary trash :(

@LinuxLounge Employers don't always use their best judgement when it comes to software.

@Citizenzibb the problem is it's all buisness, they can either educate staff to use a better more ethical program or throw money at Microsoft to keep a minor unconvince away

@LinuxLounge The band-aid approach to business is why there are countless vulnerabilities, security breaches, etc. It is the equivalent of having migraines from an aneurysm but shelling out for ibuprofen or paracetamol. The root cause goes unnoticed or is unaddressed as everything slowly gets worse. I worked at an outfit which used the same broken proprietary software for 6 years, costing tens of thousands of dollars to maintain and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity. 1/2

@LinuxLounge When I voiced my concerns about this problem, it was portrayed as if I was the only one facing the issue. That was until the leader of the company inadvertently hosed the database and on-site backups and had to have everything started over from scratch. Where all that client data went is anyone's guess, but there was hell to pay. I learned that you cannot rely on the band-aid approach, and the longer you let the problem go without a real solution, the more you will pay later.2/2

@Citizenzibb I just wrote about LibreOffice! I hope more people outside of tech realize they don’t need to be beholden to proprietary office suite software

@koolaidwithkaran That is a fact. Let's not forget licensing, training and support contracts cost a fortune, and still end up a smoldering train wreck sooner or later.

@Citizenzibb Yuuup. For such fundamental functions like word processing, they should have to earn our trust. Instead, they've lost it.

@koolaidwithkaran I agree. The insidious way data is mined by these corporations under the guise that they are making your life easier or providing an essential service disgusts me. Even worse are these new printers that mail you ink when you're running low. Their end user license agreements let them pretty much sit and mine data from your computer and from your printed documents, requiring your printer to be kept on at all times. That is, if you want new ink sent to you.

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