is a personal right. As much as self-defense is. As much as having curtains, walls and locks on doors is.

Legislators are trying to take that right away from you - do *not* let that happen. Use end-to-end encryption, promote it, teach it, develop it. Here's my part: a command-line symmetric encryption program that is simple to use and secure.

Long live and the right to

@highsaffron I'd advise you to block blackrat. No good can come of further conversation with that person and he does NOT speak on the behalf of fosstodon users.

Insofar as you and I are concerned, I apologize for any confusion my response to blackrat may have caused.

Best practice for Docker security is not using Docker

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Leaked: Confidential memo reveals new software to track unions

The new tool would also track other non-union threats to the company, like crime and weather.

Durov responds to apple's response:

"Apple released a statement saying they didn't want us to take down the 3 channels run by the Belarusian protestors, but just specific posts "disclosing personal information."

This sly wording ignores the fact that channels like @karatelibelarusi and @belarusassholes consist entirely of personal information of violent oppressors and those who helped rig the elections – because that is why those channels exist."

$12M in 'Satoshi Era' Bitcoins Move: 21 Block Rewards from 2010 Spent After a Decade of Slumber | Bitcoin News

"** Update, approximately 9.99999943 BTC or $114k worth of the 1,050 bitcoins from 2010 were sent to the Free Software Foundation.".

Can someone confirm this??

Reject elitism.
That is the centralized proprietary mindset in the social realm.
Be curious about the lives and hopes of other people.

3 months of hackers tapdancing across apple's infrastructure is not only unacceptable, it is completely dangerous... and the fact no one at apple noticed is another travesty.

Wake up and take control of your data, this isn't a game. Use FOSS tools to help you take back your life and stop trading security for convenience.

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Apple pays $288,000 to white-hat hackers who had run of company’s network – Ars Technica

Still think that cloud computing is secure? Do you think apple gives a shit about you or your data? The only thing these louts give a shit about is pumping you for all you're worth. Stop putting your trust in companies that think you're a stupid asshole. A month's rent for a cellphone should speak volumes about what they think about you.
We don't need apple or its ilk. They need us.

Hey folks! Seeing lots of introductions :) if after being here for a while you like the community and want to continue to see it flourish, head over to the FOSStodon hub support us page:

We use the excess money to donate to FOSS projects every 6 or so months! :D

Oh my eyes! I just clicked on federated timeline, now I must gouge out my eyes. Why do I repeat this mistake every few months?

Google is giving data to police based on search keywords, court docs show -

Protect yourselves, folks.

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