I have upgraded my front porch nest, from which I hunt the elusive Texas Habifropzipulopsaurus Rex. Specifically I added a Bluetooth speaker and an improved chair.

Yet again, the immaturity and antisocial behavior level of people here begs the question: if you're antisocial, what the hell are you doing on a social network?

Did you know that #Zoom uses #XMPP for their chat? Isn't it ironic that while large parts of the software freedom movement consider XMPP as outdated and refuse to use it, companies building commercially successful proprietary and centralized solutions on top of it... 🤔 #OpenStandards #FreeSoftware

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Great result as @gnome extracts a portfolio covenant for all of open source from its patent troll as the price of walking away alive.

Ditto, Brave: they may not see what you’re browsing but they make money by allowing insight of your behaviour to be used to manipulate you.

Privacy exists to protect the weak from manipulation by the powerful. Manipulation by proxy is still manipulation.


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@Gina I've always enjoyed Lodge products in the US. They have reasonable prices and good quality. Not sure on shipping for you. lodgemfg.com/shop?Material=Sea

Collecting information on censorship by the corporations that rule social media silenced.online/


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