I just read Edward Snowden's memoir and other books about mass collection of our data. Since then I have been trying to shed the private/proprietary software I had been using in favor of their transparent/open source alternatives.

@Cincinnatus Welcome, I want to read the book, glad it made you rethink digital choices!

@Cincinnatus Welcome! Snowden's book is waiting in my shelf 🙂 I have just started reading Shoshana Zuboff's "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism", which I believe talks both of the money made of our unvoluntarily left behaviour data trail as on the style of Google, FB and others. 500+ pages though...

I'll definitely have to read that too. Thanks for the suggestion. Seems very interesting

@Cincinnatus two other steps to consider are switching to a credit union for banking and paying for things with cash as much as possible. Also opt out of pre-screened credit

Hmm that's interesting I kind of thought the surveillance of my finances was inevitable. I'm going to check this stuff out. Thanks

@Cincinnatus I have as well! I've been moving over from Mac to Ubuntu and especially moving away from Google services. Just joined Mastodon today and glad to trade ideas. 😀

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