Tomorrow I will be interviewed by Luca Alloatti of the Free Silicon Foundation.

RT @fsi: Due to COVID, the Free Silicon Conference 2021 will not take place physically, but it will be replaced by online talks and interviews.

Next Thursday (June 10) at 10:00 (Central European Time) join the interview on with Staf Verhaegen of Chips4Makers ( and participate to the discussion.

Missed our #openhardware session last Tuesday? Check out the recording here -> You can also read the presentation and slides of amongst others @Chips4Makers, @leviathan & other state-of-the-art projects developing open source software, tools and designs for truly transparent and permissionless technological innovation. Following these presentations is an industry panel with amongst others @bunniestudios on the future of #openhardware in the EU semiconductor space.

Out with the old, in with the new.
I'm going to retire GNU make for doit.

Honored that PDKMaster made it to the latest El Correo Libre. Feels almost like winning an award.

Happy (and relieved) that I reached a @NgiZero milestone for Chips4Makers project: PDKMaster v0.1.

My journey with the AD5522 SMU continues, this time focusing on calibrating the thing.
Also some unexpected results on LEDs in the blog.

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