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... by the Phil #News Agency:
"The #Phivolcs on Friday said #MountBulusan generated 148 volcanic #earthquakes in the past 24 hours." 😳

... and by the NDRRMC:
#TaalVolcano on Alert Level 2, #KanlaonVolcano on Alert Level 1, #BulusanVolcano on Alert Level 1.

🙏 #Philippines

@evelyn I remember when Taal had its huge eruption back in 2019. We could see ash buildup on cars parked in the street in Metro Manila. My fiancee and I stayed inside and watched Dante's Peak that night.

And they mentioned Mount Pinatubo in the movie. Did you notice? 🙃

@evelyn I honestly do not remember. But my fiancée and I always get excited when the Philippines is somehow referenced in media. It’s a shame but I think the Philippines is under represented.

Ah, well then one of my favorite #Bourne #movies must excite you two a lot -- #BourneLegacy. 😉🇵🇭

I was particularly amused at the motorcycle chase scene where Jeremy Renner knocked on the side of the aluminum van as he was passing it, squeezing between crazy traffic... I was like, "Oh my goodness! They got it right! That's* how you do it!" 😅

My other favorite is the very first Bourne movie, The Bourne Identity. The others are good too but mostly a blur to me.

Now I was wondering why I never see you posting anything... Then I see I haven't been following you. 🤦‍♀️

Following now...

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