Print or ebooks? I see physical books as something to focus on, get lost in, disconnect with, and even conquer. It is so rewarding pinching a book and seeing how much you have read. I can’t do any of these things with an ebook. It is too distracting, and doesn’t command peace the same way a physical book does.

So, how does one get into dungeons and dragons? I’ve been interested forever, but I don’t really have any friends who are interest and or have any experience. Are there groups out there that try to teach the game to new players? Im particularly interested in the Star Trek version 😅

My iPhone XR screen cracked pretty decently last night. I need to figure out my next phone. I don’t have anything in mind, but I’ve really been learning toward Android. Im a little concerned I’ll regret it, but at the same time I think I’ll be happier with a system that is a bit more open than ios. I’d get my iPhone fixed, but they will keep the phone for up to a month and charge $300 to fix it. Anyone have any good android for around $600? sim in south east Asia.

What’s the deal with the AV1 codec? Is this an all around replacement for h265?

Is there a way to sync google calendars with without using some plugin or extension? Is there some other better way to sync calendars?

@bitwarden Quick question, I signed up initially with an email I do not really use. Is exporting my password and then importing them into the new account the best way yo migrate accounts?

I see all these articles about forcing usb-c into iPhones. I look forward to having standard connectors on everything. Lightning is typically more expensive than the usb-c counter part. Additionally, where I live, Androids are significantly more popular. There have been times where my battery was getting low and it was becoming difficult to book a ride. With usb-c based devices it would be a lot easier to borrow a charge for a few minutes.

@speed_dreams_official I checked out the site, but could not find recommended system requirements. Did I miss it? Maybe it is not necessary as the download size is pretty small.

I am from the US and my account is tied to that region. Well I live in a different country now and I cannot download the app on my phone as it is only available to people who have Apple accounts registered in this country. Also, their site does not work with 🤦

As an update to this issue. It seems to be working a lot better now that I freed up some space. I went from 1gb free to about 12gb. I think the low storage space really affected the phones performance. Unrelated, updating to iOS 15.5 somehow gave some more free space to the phone. Now the only issue is that I am starting to notice the small amount of ram. It is becoming more and more frequent that I lose progress when switching between apps.

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It is always reassuring when a that was generally not liked by fans in the beta goes free-to-play.

is going to be filled with -transactions and I would guess, it will generally be a worse experience than Overwatch 1.

Since they are moving from 6v6 to 5v5 and changing characters, I guess they are not going to be able to play together anymore like they said they would.

Anyone else feeling like their XR is getting a bit slow? This past week it really seems to be hanging when switching apps. I’ve also had to delete a lot of stuff as I was almost out of space. Maybe it’s finally time to move on from and get started with

What are you using for storage? I used to selfhost but I can’t self host anymore due to my isp. Nothing on the market seems good enough. What do you recommend that has a desktop client? Sadly, I’ll be using like 99% of the time as this is for work.

I am from the states, but living internationally. I want to run my own on a somewhere, so I can steam . I moved one of my vps' to the states, but I still have a German public IP. Can someone recommend an inexpensive solution? I would prefer to run my own VPN with a US IP if possible.

It’s too addicting! 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time until you have played it 4-5 times 😂

If they implemented a functional window manager in iOS 16, then what would they give us in iOS 18?

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