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Nice update. I believe, I'll end up with 3 of these boards even though I don't want to πŸ˜†

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Is anybody watching Chernobyl? The last episode deserves a prize for make-up.

I've been reading many toots about the PineBook. I'm gonna have a look at it.

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Comparing Tutanota to Gmail is like comparing David to Goliath, Yet, Tutanota comes with important security features that easily beat Gmail. πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺ What else would you like us to include in this comparison?

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Great article about the GDPR. The person closes his FB and tries to get his data "back". So far it's been 5 months, since he started.

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Hi I'm Dave,

I have been floating around mastodon for a year. I'm a bit of a tinkerer so I have tried to start my own instance but it wasnt my thing.

I have a degree in Archaeology and ancient Semitic languages. I worked with at risk kids and teens for the past 10 years. Absolutely loved it but got burned out emotionally. Currently a stay at home dad.

Working on my Certified Openstack Admin and Hyperledger Admin certs. Passionate about opensource implementations in non profits

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Spent the entire day doing illustration work... this is as far as I got for today (there will be stuff above this, and the B/W will be colorized, shifted into less contrast and sooo much fiddlyness, but these are the inks)

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I just happened to know that China's 3rd- gen identity card would implement blood gathering, fingerprint payment, location tracking.

If that is to happen, My country will be too hard to live in

Now the article is deleted

Moment man is fined Β£90 for hiding face from police facial recognition cameras

So...not even actual hiding by covering your face.

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I recommend everyone to watch HBO's mini-series Chernobyl for three reasons:
1. It's extremely well made. A terrifying movie, great script, great acting, an impressive re-creation of a real event that affected the lives of million of people.


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I cannot stress this enough: if you are not watching the Chernobyl miniseries on HBO you are missing out.
It's fantastic.

Also daily reminder to defend Trans Rights :flag_transgender:

I ended up here, because of this: I'll be looking at some of the options from that page.

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People in , and especially technology workers under Australian law, do not want or need mandatory surveillance, data retention by gov't, and broken encryption.
It's time our politicians support tech workers and for all Australians.


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