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Pinephone, Current status of software options 

UBPorts: No camera, some bugs, pretty good performance, best app selection

Mobian: Camera works but quality is bad, quite a few bugs, interface is slow and I just don't like it

KDE Neon: Looks very nice, lot of bugs and missing functionality, performance not great

SXMO: Camera works but is slow (there is a new camera script I haven't tried that is supposed to be faster), very unique and unusual for a smartphone interface and UX, best performing

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Ok internet, you win. As of today, I need an alcohol burning, siphon coffee maker in my life. Probably the coolest coffee maker I've seen.

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Recommendations for photo management/organizer program for Linux? I have albums that I've downloaded from Google Photos, Ever, old Picasa albums and from other sources. Looking for something that can remove any duplicates and organize them into albums. Any suggestions?

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Knowledge/experience with server configuration (nginx, uwsgi preferred)
Experience with JavaScript front-end programming and concerns
Knowledge/experience with React/Native is a bonus
Experience writing and reviewing unit and functional tests
Experience working with monitoring and tracing platforms (e.g. DataDog)

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Unsolicited LinkedIn recruiter job requirements I just got:
Strong professional Python and Django experience
Version control and project process (Git and Agile preferred)
NoSQL (Elasticsearch or other)
Track record of delivering technology or scaling improvements
Experience with Django Rest Framework
Comfort with AWS/Ubuntu/RDS
Experience with relational/MySQL schema & query design
Knowledge/experience with Docker
Experience with Celery or other task queuing

1. Cthulhu's summer home
2. Megalodon
3. Covid-20
4. A lot of plastic and trash

Important note: its right next to Florida.

Our sole NodeJS dev just put in their notice. So now I need to learn NodeJS. I'm always excited to learn something new, but JavaScript... JavaScript scares me.

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tired: running wayland because it's better than x

wired: running wayland so i have an excuse for not doing screen share in work calls

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Looks like the KeePassXC team (of which I'm not a part) also published some fresh documentation!

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What do you recommend for writing on Linux? Which softwareS (tex install + IDE)

Having access to the latest versions of LaTeX packages is not obvious for me

For example, I've just installed texlive through apt on ubuntu and I get Tex 2019 whereas I see on the last version is April 2020

Would be great if a GUI was available for browsing packages

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@opensuse I use #openSUSE because of the community, YaST, Zypper, Snapper and an excellent Plasma implementation. I use Tumbleweed because, despite is a rolling release distro, is more stable than others. And last but not least, I love Geeko! 🦎


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I'm going to try something different for this month's #HumbleGifts.

6 of the unclaimed games are up for grabs. Reply with which one you want (as in 1 game per person) and I'll DM you a gift link!

First come, first served 😉

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reddit link inside, but I'm posting here anyway. someone needs help

tldr this person's Galaxy s7 Edge is bricked after a TWRP restore, but I don't know if it's permanently bricked, or "almost maybe" bricked

maybe someone here can offer help

#twrp #lineageos #foss #help

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Bring back the Old Toad! How will you celebrate the release of @opensuse Leap 15.2? We have some ideas!

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Facebook acquires OpenStreetMap partner Mapillary - 

So Mapillary, the "Street View" part of OpenStreetMap (, based on crowdsourcing people's photos for their "open data" project.... has been bought by Facebook 🙄

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The state of OpenPGP key servers (or "server maintance is crucial"):

If you want to use OpenPGP and publish your public OpenPGP key, use

#OpenPGP #SKS #keyserver #infosec #security #cybersecurity

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