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Hey, we've made a community on Lemmy, the open source federated alternative to Reddit:

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Me, trying to be an intellectual: I shall listen to classical music whilst working today in order to have more focus.

My brain: This piano part sounds like the intro to Still D.R.E. Play Still D.R.E. C'mon just one song.

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For those of you using / and have disabled telemetry:
- Do you trust that code doesn't send any other info to ?
- Have you validated this with packet capturing/reviewing telemetry.log?
- Is it worth the effort of setting up vscodium as an alternate?

I'm exploring vscode/codium as an alternate to emacs, and I'm reasonably reassured by, however, it IS

I guess I'll use vscode for a while and review telemetry.log 1/2

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One very imperfect privacy rule-of-thumb is privacy policy (PP) length. When PPs get long, it's often because a lot of data is being handled, or because the organization in question has a lot of lawyers.

To paint with an overly broad brush, software vendors fall into one two categories:

Smol PP gang: vendors with short privacy policies because their software is simple and doesn't handle a lot of private data.
Big PP gang: vendors with long privacy policies because they're made by big orgs and/or collect lots of data.

Smol PP gang represent! Please code with smol PP energy.
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@amolith the welcome message for nixnet xmpp mentions updates being finished in July, and you've on 20.12 now so that portion is probably out of date.

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Just created an xmpp account on and I'm testing the waters before maybe spinning up my own instance to migrate a few friends out of GroupMe, WhatsApp, etc. Anybody want to add me to send test messages?

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If you're considering Amazon's Ring, please beware multiple privacy & security concerns, including:
• Growing surveillance partnership w/police forces
• Third party trackers on its app
• Data breaches & hackers infiltrating user homes via Ring camera

Original tweet :

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Hi there! 👋

I decided to join after half a year contemplating switching to FOSS and GNU/Linux - the whole whatsapp controversy finally pushed me!

I'm a complete Linux/GNU newbie and I hope that I can learn the inner workings of it all. - If you have any recommendations for learning resources please let me know! - Right now i'm using Linux Journey and YouTube videos

I am using Pop_OS! - I love it - but hope to move to Arch once I get the fundamentals down 👍

See ya! 😁

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If you're looking for an alternative to Amazon-owned GoodReads, The StoryGraph just officially launched

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Are there any mesh WiFi systems that actually work worth a crap in Bridge Mode

I've tried the Netgear Orbi and the AmpliFi HD and both leave a lot to be desired. Thinking about a LinkSys Velop next.

Suggestions welcome. 🙂

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Does anyone have any interesting blogs that deal with command line programs and low powered machines? I used to love follow the blog of K. Mandla, which I did for years, but it's no longer there, and I miss it so.

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Going live on twitch to continue a playthrough of Earthbound. Come say hi.

I think I'm close to deleting WhatsApp now that my final group is leaving it. I am down to a handful of proprietary apps at this point and really closing in.

I left Google music for Tidal just for the convenience temporarily, but I'm starting to look at Funkwhale again. Anybody here have any experience with it?

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I just wrote a short gushing review of really enjoying it, I'm so bad at consistently writing in my blog, I just don't write very well, but well, there is only one way to get better ;)

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