Can't sleep so i ask a question i am curious about. What is your most important reason you use GNU/Linux instead of Windows or macOS for example? I often hear because of privacy but honestly i don't believe that as this just counts for the distro itself most of the time. If you have any other reason that isn't listed you can obviously reply with your reason.

my personal opinion on this btw. is that i simply like my system not being filled with bloatware (that reinstalls at every update) and having full control over it. Also the big teaming up in a lot of projects for it because most of them are open source and the general fact i like to actually know what the software is doing instead of something secret going on behind the scenes.

@Cabbidachi None of the above. I like the idea of Open Source. The shared efforts of building something better.

It's the same reasons why I like Creative Commons and strongly disfavor the US's overextension of Copyright terms. Collaboration and evolution can create some very fantastic works.

I use Linux because:
Choice of Distro, Desktop Environment
Open Source

@Cabbidachi Linux often feels like the only OS that's simply a tool, and that's all an OS should be.

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