Also yes, the issue does not reoccur on Windows. Neither Windows 10 or 11 so it seems to be unrelated from the router or provider.

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I know its a meme but is it normal that Wifi drivers on Arch distros are broken? So i am using Manjaro and got the driver from the kernel. Weirdly enough it sometimes happens that the connection refuses to download content. The connection is still there but nothing loads because it simply can't its very weird. I already checked my kernel log multiple times with no error messages to be seen. The driver is called "ath10k_pci". I do not mind having to use Windows but this is annoying for sure.

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Oh wow, we hit over 7K followers here! 🎉 🥳

#Linux gaming <3

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Might soon become a EndeavourOS :endeavourOS: user 👀
i will also never manage to write that name without looking it up xD

It makes me lowkey mad that Edge (at least on Windows) is a pretty fine and fast working browser yet suffers under very high surveillance and Microsoft being pretty annoying with wanting people to use it. At the very least it no more is a "throwaway" browser like IE and the old Edge were because you really couldn't use those for anything. xD

Anyone knowing a website where i can easily find fonts that are free for both private and commercial use?

Companies screwing up more and more
Time to host my own services with help from open source projects like Mastodon :ablobcatrainbow:

Thanks for you all sharing your opinion ^w^
it's interesting to get a more clear look via user experience instead of descriptions from the homepage

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Has anyone ever tried the fork called "Librewolf"? (or any fork of that fork lol)
If so, what is your experience?

my personal opinion on this btw. is that i simply like my system not being filled with bloatware (that reinstalls at every update) and having full control over it. Also the big teaming up in a lot of projects for it because most of them are open source and the general fact i like to actually know what the software is doing instead of something secret going on behind the scenes.

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Can't sleep so i ask a question i am curious about. What is your most important reason you use GNU/Linux instead of Windows or macOS for example? I often hear because of privacy but honestly i don't believe that as this just counts for the distro itself most of the time. If you have any other reason that isn't listed you can obviously reply with your reason.

having some problems migrating my account
Did the exact steps posted by Eugen himself yet this error appears every single time despite the fact i already added the alias


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