So...CDE @ AIX 5.1 too.. running on 7044P-170. I'm not a real AIX lover but it is nice..

Text and photos: Davis Quirico with permission

got aix 5.3 installed on my "new" ibm 7043 model 150 ;)

Photo and text: Matt Merhar with permission

Let’s play some chess

Text and photo: Ighor Toth with permission (please forgive me since I am unable to write your name properly)

While watching Enemy of the State, I was wondering... is it just me, or does the OBS Powerstroke logo look similar to the font used with the line?

Text and photo: Paul Khoury with permission

Look at these Blade 100 and 1000 running . These are so beautiful and so magnificent.

The PDF files are available on

Photos and PDF: Eric Howton with permission

This was part of my pandemic project. Although, I ended up on my modified patched up Solaris 9 with because I couldn't deal with how terrible the disk io is in 8.

Got all the essentials built against . That was a little tricky.

Text and photo: Mark DeArman with permission

Amazing what one hour with a magic eraser and some alcohol can do! eBay purchase that looked pretty rough but it turned out to be worth it...

Some before and after pics.. looks mint now! I have another 450MHz CPU module on the way so it will have 2x 450MHz with 2GB of RAM.

Plugged it in and everything worked great.. I was surprised. Installed Solaris 8 with no issues and then started cleaning it up. Very happy with it!

Text and photo: Austin Ramsay with permission

Spending some time tonight with Solaris 8 putting this Blade 2000 to work.

Built around a dozen GNU tools from source and have learned a lot already just from the last few hours.

Text and photo: Austin Ramsay with permission

Debian 10.5 running CDE. Because new UI’s are so boring!

Text and photo: Bobby Evans with permission


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