Winter hats will be coming, just need to tweak the design a bit. If there is something else you'd like though, don't hesitate to DM me (@JoshStrobl) and I will see what I can do.

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Our U.S. and EU @Spreadshirt shops are now up 🎉 If you're wanting to treat yourself to some nice Budgie swag and have a bit of commission go our way at the same time, you can head on over to the following links:

🇪🇺 buddies-of-budgie.myspreadshop
🇺🇸 buddies-of-budgie.myspreadshop

For some transparency, here are some of the commission details (in euros):

- Hoodies: 4.50-5.50€
- Shirts: 4.50-5.50€
- Sticker: 0.50€
- Mug: 3.50€

Update on @BuddiesOfBudgie merch. Everything is set up, just waiting for Spreadshirt to approve one of the designs on the EU store that randomly got flagged, despite just being the Budgie bird with the circular background :D

Once that is approved, U.S. and EU merch launch!

Not saying I'm going through the process of creating @BuddiesOfBudgie merch.

But I'm going through the process of creating Budgie merch. 👀

Buddies of Budgie is now on OpenCollective, opening the door to financial contributions to enable a wide range of opportunities, such as compensated development, triaging, translations, hardware acquisitions, and more! 🎉

I added a few more goodies into Budgie Control Center.

I've ported over scaling patches that are typically only in Manjaro and Ubuntu's GNOME Control Center into Budgie Control Center, so if the OS has a Mutter with patched X11 fractional scaling, those options are now exposed.

Additionally updated Details to show Budgie version, rather than the GNOME version.

I just pushed a minor refinement to our GNOME Control Center fork for the Budgie 10 series, but we moved screen locking related functionality into the Displays panel.

Ya know...where the rest of the Display / Screen stuff is.

Also huge props to fossfreedom from the Ubuntu Budgie project for all the rebranding, gresource updating, etc. that he has done. Even got some niceties in like proper distro branding, which I can tell you as someone that's needed to patch that historically, is a big deal.

Want to use the existing internal theme before our big redesign, but would like some subtle refinements in the meantime? From Raven to Budgie Menu, Campbell Jones aka serebit has been doing a bunch of work to do exactly that!

Significant Notifications Server rewrite just landed in Budgie Desktop thanks to EbonJaeger ❤️ This work enables us to provide a more generic notification system that can be leveraged not just in Raven, but in other parts of Budgie if desired!

Going live in about 30 minutes for more @BuddiesOfBudgie site development (built in Material UI + React, on top of GatsbyJS, and TypeScript).

Missed my stream of starting to work on the @BuddiesOfBudgie site using GatsbyJS and mockups in Figma? Now up on YouTube!

⚠️ Announcement ⚠️

Interproject hackfest this Sun. at 1600 UTC with Ikey Doherty of Serpent OS, Campbell Jones from Buddies of Budgie, and myself. Ikey will be working on the Serpent OS moss RemoteManager, serebit on Budgie, myself on the @BuddiesOfBudgie site.

Dedicated Stream URLs:


Want to help translate Budgie and make it more globally accessible? Join our Transifex team!

To reduce user confusion on some functionality in GNOME Control Center, as well as ensuring that libadwaita and other theming-related issues aren't introduced, we have decided to maintain a temporary fork for Budgie 10 series.

As a reminder, we will have our own control center for Budgie 11 series that is not based on any existing solutions.

@BuddiesOfBudgie You will also notice that I only assigned myself to one of those items. Everything else is open for contributions from others! But that internal theme has been a thorn in my side for a long enough, I want the personal pleasure of fixing it xD

Some TODOs and proposals may or may not have been filed for Budgie 10 series.

That's right, Budgie 10. Not even just for Budgie 11 (though many aspects of the work would be learning lessons for it)

Boring admin thing but email is set up and domain is now marked as now verified, so got that going for us.

Development over Jan. 4th:

Exclude Adwaita and HighContrast from Icon themes selection.
Prevent crash when deleting twice the same applet
Reintroduce GNOME 40 support for Ubuntu 21.10 support.

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