So far I think I'm liking Mint over Ubuntu.

Duck Duck Go !! I was able to figure out how to fix my packet tracer issue with a search using I may have to use it more often.

Is there a way to see which dependacies an application needs to work properly?

I have extracted a tar.gz archive and installed the app but it doesn't launch. So far forums haven't lead me an answer.

IF you're on Twitter, you find me @ BruteNerd as well

Has anyone been able to get Packet Tracer running on the latest version of Ubuntu or Mint? I have looked around the internet and found so-called solutions but none of them work.

I have been struggling with my Linux install but I finally got it reinstalled and working again. I have a lot to learn!

@mike I used an app called Sworkit which was a good starting point for me. Now I use Fitify apps.

I want to learn some code. Not my field but for some reason I want to know how to do it.

MacOS is too rich for my blood
Windows is too bloated
Linux is too free not to use!

I just found Mastadon yesterday. Do you folks have any suggestions on good instances to join?

Has anyone made a career pivot? If so, how old were you when you made it?


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