Paul Graham, one of the founders of YCombinator (YC), has had a broken certificate on his website for years now, and nobody ever calls him out on this failure because he's rich and nobody ever holds rich people accountable for their tech illiteracy, even when they're in charge of a tech startup incubator...

Locking and switching to @Alex.

Seems like the best plan.

Keeping this account as I like this server. Might find further use for it.

Watching other people's old VHS tapes on The Internet Archive is honestly turning into a weekly tradition. There's something extremely familiar and comforting about them.

@drbitcoinmd If you bought $13,000 of Bitcoin in June 2012 and held until now, you're literally insane for holding on to it through all those ridiculous surges and crashes.

Or you lost the wallet in July and just found it again.

@nat I just keep doing what I do best, and live by the philosophy of Arthur C. Clarke:

"The goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play. That's why we have to destroy the present politico-economic system."

@XxAlexXx It's my understanding that Stadia only closed their game studio. That's disappointing, but they have over 100 games to be released this year on the platform, and appear dedicated to supporting the platform itself.

I also think that their state-sharing tech is pretty promising. does some things that a PC or Console game cannot. There might be some innovative exclusives that come out once devs start doing more with it.

@nat It's more of the whole "everything is getting automated, and workers aren't protected from the coming labor crisis, but I'm still helping automate things" part of technology that I have some conflicts with.

@hejowhat That's fantastic.

You can get started using the free version of our product, Airwall Teams, right away:

Let me know if you have any questions about it. I'm an open book.

I had the honor of having Saul Pwanson (@saulfp) personally introduce me to his software a couple years ago, and now it's one of the first things I install on any new machine. It's basically Vim for datasets. Its phenomenal, and it even works on PCAPs.

(Should have been my first Toot).

I am network security engineer working in Seattle at a startup called Tempered. It's a great product, message me if you want to know more about zero trust networking.

I am constantly trying to weigh my love of tech, with my preference for democratic socialism - these things don't always get along so great.

I have abandoned the toxicity of mainstream social networks, and I'm here to geek out and have fun.

I hear a lot of people talk about as if it was a failure. I have had the opposite experience.

Quality and Latency are excellent. The games play well. I have only experienced one crash mid-game, and I was back in the game in less than a minute.

I didn't expect original games, I expected an innovative tech for gaming. For that it's a winner.

Though I am on gigabit living in a tech hub, so YMMV.

@halcy Hey!

I'm actually just now starting my Mastodon journey!


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