I hear a lot of people talk about as if it was a failure. I have had the opposite experience.

Quality and Latency are excellent. The games play well. I have only experienced one crash mid-game, and I was back in the game in less than a minute.

I didn't expect original games, I expected an innovative tech for gaming. For that it's a winner.

Though I am on gigabit living in a tech hub, so YMMV.

@BreakDecks Welll its not like its bad. But google is trying to close stadia. They already removed the current future library of games. It might be that they will soon close it down.

@XxAlexXx It's my understanding that Stadia only closed their game studio. That's disappointing, but they have over 100 games to be released this year on the platform, and appear dedicated to supporting the platform itself.

I also think that their state-sharing tech is pretty promising. does some things that a PC or Console game cannot. There might be some innovative exclusives that come out once devs start doing more with it.

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