@BradReed I don't really keep track of Facebook pages much these days, as it's only the Groups side of the platform that I really use.

Will have to give this a try, ta! 🙂

I don't use FB at all but I use RSS massively for YT

@BradReed I expected an economic argument... Social networks live off the traffic they stole elsewere and their combined income could be redistributed back into the ecosystem.

RSS is good for following few selected authors.

@BradReed Google Reader (RIP) was the original Social Network.

And those morons killed it.

I've been saying this same thing for a while, because I hate Corporate Social Networks with a passion. I actually started my own personal mailing list to email friends & family what I'm up to.

I'm actually happy google killed it. Thx to it it's not yet another thing monopolized by google.

Where did you start that list? I tried with one basic for free but it would all go to spam if come to inboxes at all so I abandoned this idea.

@BradReed I actually built it myself!

I built my own smtp server based on [aio-smtpd][1], because my ISP at the time was terrible and blocked inbound ports 80 and in/out 25.

I could not make postfix properly relay my email because my setup violated all kinds of standards.

Also I love the command line, so I also built my own mail client

[1]: github.com/aio-libs/aiosmtpd
[2]: pypi.org/project/wemail/

@BradReed You don't have to get nearly as wild as I did. $5/mo on <cheap VPS host> and a $15/yr domain name could make it possible.

I just setup DKIM and SPF (which took a bit of finagling), but... it works!

I just make people sign up by sending me an email, which helps defeat the spam folder thing.

@BradReed finally, I also provide a "say thanks!" link in my emails that is just this href:


That will use your default mail client to send an email. Which, clicking in a mail client, will usually use itself.

It works great!

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