I'm a new software made by @NicolasConstant

It's mostly a pet-project to understand how this protocol works, and being a little useful by the same time.
The aim is to provide a private (followers-only) Twitter to ActivityPub relay.

I'm still in a beta state, but hopefully I should be in a stable state very soon.
If you'd like to test the software, please contact me!

@BirdsiteLIVE @NicolasConstant hello 👋, I'd like to test software, but I am have none programming background, am I still suitable for this task?

@BirdsiteLIVE @NicolasConstant just got my first bridged tweet come through! Awesome implementation. I haven't had twitter in ages but there's a few people/places that don't post anywhere else and I've just been doing without that content.

@wdavery I'm glad you like it! 🙂 It's indeed for this use case that I've done this tool, it won't scale very well so hopefully people will do the same (following only 2-3 accounts not 600).

@BirdsiteLIVE Incredibly simple to use.
This could really help even out the network effect and get more twitter users jumping ship.
I'd love to see more instances pop up.
Any estimate on how many users one instance could handle?

@wdavery that's funny you ask about that because I'm starting monitoring this particular aspect.

Twitter API wise, we have (for free) 900 calls for users, 1500 for timelines each 15 mins. Without any optimizations, I'm at least calling 1 user/1 TL per account followed/15 mins. So it would set the maximum at 900, but I can optimize this (yay), but unfortunately since Tweets and User descriptions can have mentions, and I'm loosing a lot of calls depending on the social net (yesterday I had (...)

@wdavery a case with 300 users calls even if we're having only 28 users). We'll see how this changes with the time. Maybe I'll not resolve mentions in descriptions to limit some never-ending resolution.

Ideally I'd like people to open a lot of small and efficient instances, it will be better privacy wise and for the ecosystem itself.

@BirdsiteLIVE Definitely many small instances would be ideal. Just going to throw out some thoughts here:
1. Is there a cleanup of accounts with 0 followers? Wouldn't want wasted calls on those.

2. Thinking about tech-illiterate people moving from twitter: The barrier of entry to self hosting this is obviously too high (despite the easy docker, thank you!). Is there any way to have some sort of 'mega-instance' that provides users an easy interface to enter API details and it would spin up a personal sub-instance like
A mastodon host could run this mega-instance as a companion to their masto server and users wouldn't have to deal with self-hosting

@wdavery 1. yes this clean-up aspect is already in place. 🙂
2. Having a hosting service like mastohost would indeed be ideal, but it won't be made by me: I'm a dev and a very shitty sysadmin and this kind of orchestration/domain name handling/etc is far out my reach and personal interest. But I will help to adapt the software if someone is willing to go down this road. 🙂

@BirdsiteLIVE And that's totally fair! Outside of my abilities as well.
Awesome to see this software, I think it'll be quite popular.
Thanks for making it!

@BirdsiteLIVE @mastohost Would something like this be a valuable add-on to the plans? Could be a great way to bring in more users/instances.

project source:

@wdavery @BirdsiteLIVE That looks like a very interesting project and I will need to look deeper into it but I have serious doubts that I could offer that as an add-on to plans as that would probably infringe Twitter's Terms of Use.

@mastohost @wdavery for what I've seen, the redistribution of twitter content doesn't infringe Twitter terms of Use when it's non-public (and I post in follower-only mode so it is the case) and limited in quantity (but it's a really high limit: 1.5M tweets/month).

If you provide only the instance and the user has to provide the API KEY, I don't think it would be possible to reach such high number anyway.

@BirdsiteLIVE @wdavery Looking at that link, what I understand is that you can share 1.5M Tweet IDs, not 1.5M tweets. What they allow is to share 50K "hydrated public Tweet Objects" per recipient, per day and "via non-automated means". Really not sure if they would be ok with it or not.

@mastohost @wdavery 50k*30=1.5M but you're right, the "non-automated means" can be on the edge, and I could reverse some of the data I send so that it would be pulled instead by the other instances... and it "won't be automated".
But that's effectively open to interpretation.

@BirdsiteLIVE @wdavery I haven't touched the Twitter API for years, basically since they started tighten the rules. Everyone I know that has attempted to build something large or make a business on top of their API ended up having problems with their rules.

@mastohost @wdavery Yes you're right, when you're providing a service based on any API it's a risk. But if a hosting service would provide a support for I wouldn't recommend the hosting service to provide the APIKEY itself, only the software like anyone would get by installing it directly.
Once installed the client would have to request their own APIKEY and set the instance with it. So that this APIKEY issue isn't on your side and all instances stays very low in consumption.

@PaterSnape it's deactivated for all accounts by default, if you self-host you can whitelist some accounts to be public, the reasons are described in this article: (mostly for ethical reasons).

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