Consider Store as an alternative to .

What it is:
- it is a Google Play Store mirror
- open source and free
- no tracking
- available on F-Droid ()
- works without a Google account
- doesn't need Google Play Services (nor )
- not recommended: you can log in with a Google account if you wish
- UI is way easier to navigate compared to Google's Store

Aurora is NOT a mirror. It fetches apps from Playstore. is a mirror. And an archive, so you can get older versions of an app.

@BigTechBubble Great if you run a degoogled Rom like GrapheneOS or Lineage. Not everything works without Google stuff, but 95% does.

@BigTechBubble I don't recommend it. You may download proprietary software using it. I'd use F-Droid over it, which is a repository for free software apps only

@BigTechBubble is it a mirror, actually? Afair it's an alternative interface, but if something is taken down from Google Play it's also not available on Aurora, so it's not a mirror, right?

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