Fedora 35 Xfce armhfp Nexus 7 2012 grouper rev. E16565 kernel 5.15.0-rc4-next-20211011-postmarketos-grate


Nexus 7 2012 grouper rev. E1565 work on Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri now. It's preinstalled server rpi(hard float) image now, and it's using kernel-5.14.0-rc6-next-20210819-postmarketos-grate

5.15.0-rc4 coming soon


now boot on Samsung Galaxy A500H/DS with lk2nd-0.10.0-next-20210912-dirty and kernel 5.13.0


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"One year ago, Nvidia Tegra 2/3 was not bootable at all in the project. As of today, at least 9 devices powered by this chip are already in postmarketOS with full mainline support - meaning that the number of Linux-running devices outside the main repository is likely to be higher"


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