Is there any way to see any kind of list of all the emojis included in Fosstodon? (like : kubuntu: :kubuntu: : windows: :windows: : kdeneon: :kdeneon: : linuxmint: :linuxmint: ). I'm so sorry for my bad English.

@BLZ You can see them in the emoji selector under 'custom' section

@yyp Nice. Thanks mate (new here)! And how have I to proceed if I want to add another emoji which is not in the 'custom' section? :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@BLZ @yyp drop a line to @kev or @mike that’s how I got the Maryland flag added :maryland:

@Sulairris @yyp @kev @mike I wrote Mike (because he boosted my original toot) :D

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