Ihor Dvoretskyi explained us how to start contributing to Cloud Native. Now you can learn about it too watching the video :) youtube.com/watch?v=SB13wlxUp7

KDE developers have fixed the bug that allowed the execution of potentially malicious code. The update is already in neon and will appear in your distro shortly.


We released LibreOffice 6.3 earlier today – check out this video for a quick overview of the great new features: youtube.com/watch?v=SIBjmHSHs-

Valve hires KWin core developer Roman Gilg for gaming-related XServer and KWin improvements. Roman seems to have a ton of cool projects in the pipeline, and this makes me happy. #KDE


We've updated our expenses/income page bcnfs.org/budget/ As you can see we're transparent and careful with money, but it's always good having more sponsorships to be able to do more events, if you want to help have a look at bcnfs.org/sponsoring/

Our sensitive and private health information belongs to us! It should not be put into large proprietary software and servers. is a human health issue!

We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

@JackieLibre @alejandro getting there, looking forward to more things happening, if you need any details don't hesitate to send us an email ( you can find it at bcnfs.org )

@paulfree14 @GetTogetherComm @3rik @fsfe same reason fsfe has a twitter account i guess, it's where the people is. The other reason is that we had looked at meetup alternatives and found none (arguably didn't do a good job it seems), now that you point out a few we'll have second a look.

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