Join @3rik and Alexander Sander from @fsfe next Monday at 7pm to discuss Free Software policies. The session will be moderated by Monica Bernardi from More info at


@paulfree14 @GetTogetherComm @3rik @fsfe same reason fsfe has a twitter account i guess, it's where the people is. The other reason is that we had looked at meetup alternatives and found none (arguably didn't do a good job it seems), now that you point out a few we'll have second a look.

freesoftware talk, meetup alternatives 

thanks for having a secound look.
hubzilla and friendica are having a function that is similiar to facebook events. gettogether is closer to meetup.

I understand the argument to go where people are.
But I see it a different from using #meetup to reach their users to go for freesoftware, or if I advocate meetup within a freesoftware enviorment.

@GetTogetherComm @3rik @fsfe

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