Las month we did a joint meetup with Women Who Code Barcelona about Women in Free Software. Here's the video and remember that tomorrow we're celebrating the "I ❤️ Free Software" day

Ja tenim el programa tancat i publicat com sempre a la nostra web Gràcies a totes les que ens heu fet arribar les vostres propostes i, sobretot, a tots els ponents amb qui compartirem el Congrés 2020

Congratulations @fosdem for 20 years of welcoming the free software community, truly an inspiration. ♥️

Like lots of Free Software enthusiasts we will be at @fosdem this weekend. If you want to meet us come to the building F cafeteria Saturday at 11am. Come! You'll recognize us for the t-shirt! 😊

El nostre objectiu és arribar a les 500 hores enregistrades i validades a Common Voice en català. T'adherixes al repte? #Objectiu500hores

Volem que les màquines parlin en català! Inverteix 5 minuts cada dia a
És molt més senzill del que et penses.

If you're interested in workshops about kdenlive, ardour or inkscape check this tweet (yeah sorry)

Last December, Olivier Tilloy from @Canonical explained us what @snapcraftio is and why Snaps are useful to solve some of the challenges of software distribution. @ubuntu

Comencem l'activitat a :mastodon: amb un fil d'un dels projectes que tenim, #CommonVoiceCAT

Per què és important el projecte #CommonVoice de #Mozilla ? Especialment en el cas #català :senyera: #CommonVoiceCAT

Hem fet diverses crides a participar en el projecte #CommonVoice. Volem explicar-vos per què aquest projecte és important. #CommonVoiceCAT

Next Monday 16 of December, we will have Olivier Tilloy from Canonical talking about Snaps, what they are, why you should be considering to use them, etc. Join us at or @ubuntu @snapcraftio

This November lands in Barcelona!

👉 App stores, app creation, design, usability, marketing, ...
👩‍🏫 25+ speakers
📆 12-15 November
🌏 Lleialtat Santsenca, carrer Olzinelles 31, Barcelona
📲 Free (Registration mandatory)

The schedule for Linux App Summit 2019 is out! Join us in Barcelona this November :) @kde @gnome

Ihor Dvoretskyi explained us how to start contributing to Cloud Native. Now you can learn about it too watching the video :)

KDE developers have fixed the bug that allowed the execution of potentially malicious code. The update is already in neon and will appear in your distro shortly.

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