The #Akademy2022 Call for Participation is open!

This is your chance to present your work and ideas to the #KDE community.

Find more information and submit your talk at

First Barcelona Free Software in person event since 2020! Come and join us for a round of Lightining Talks next Tuesday 10 of May at 19:45 at PAU Barcelona. More info

Today we celebrated the Software Freedom Day in Barcelona! Thanks Caliu for organizing!

Com cada any, celebrarem el Dia de la Llibertat del Programari, aquest cop a l'Espai Jove Bocanord de Barcelona, el 18 de setembre a les 17:30h.
Ens hi veiem!

Less than a week! Join us to celebrate the l ❤️ Free Software Day with us. We have a small surprise prepared for those that attend!

El grup de treball d'Administracions Públiques de Caliu cerca casos de discriminació d'usuaris de GNU/Linux a la Generalitat de Catalunya. Els pots ajudar?

Welcome @PINE64 as our newest Patron!

You can learn more about this Open, Friendly and Community Driven hardware project at

Meet us tomorrow to discuss @nextcloud with @Karlitschek their CEO and founder. Learn all about the self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control!

Las month we did a joint meetup with Women Who Code Barcelona about Women in Free Software. Here's the video and remember that tomorrow we're celebrating the "I ❤️ Free Software" day

Ja tenim el programa tancat i publicat com sempre a la nostra web Gràcies a totes les que ens heu fet arribar les vostres propostes i, sobretot, a tots els ponents amb qui compartirem el Congrés 2020

Congratulations @fosdem for 20 years of welcoming the free software community, truly an inspiration. ♥️

Like lots of Free Software enthusiasts we will be at @fosdem this weekend. If you want to meet us come to the building F cafeteria Saturday at 11am. Come! You'll recognize us for the t-shirt! 😊

El nostre objectiu és arribar a les 500 hores enregistrades i validades a Common Voice en català. T'adherixes al repte? #Objectiu500hores

Volem que les màquines parlin en català! Inverteix 5 minuts cada dia a
És molt més senzill del que et penses.

If you're interested in workshops about kdenlive, ardour or inkscape check this tweet (yeah sorry)

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